Best Grumman Canoes For 2024

Do you love canoeing? Have you ever tried Best Grumman Canoes? These are the canoes that look like shiny metal boats. They are made from the same material as airplanes. They are very strong and light. They can last for a long time. Many people have enjoyed canoeing with Grumman canoes for decades.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about Grumman Canoes. You will learn how to buy one, new or used. You will also see different models and how they compare to other canoes. Keep reading to find out more.

Top picks: Best Grumman Canoes For 2024

The Best Grumman Canoes featured in our Paddling Buyer’s Guide have earned top ratings from reviewers. Check out and evaluate all Grumman canoes here.

Model ImageModelLengthType
[Image 1]Grumman 17′ Double-Ender17 feetDouble-Ender Canoe
[Image 2]Grumman 15′ Double-Ender15 feetDouble-Ender Canoe
[Image 3]Grumman SportboatNot specifiedSportboat
[Image 4]Grumman 17′ Square-Stern17 feetSquare-Stern Canoe

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Our Paddling Guide has everything you need to know. You can find out the size, price, and where to get your canoe.

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Shopping for a used Grumman canoe?

Grumman canoes or other metal canoes are good to buy second-hand. They are cheap and simple. You can use them for fishing, hunting or just having fun. They are very strong and can last a long time. Even if they look old or dirty, they can still work well. If you want to buy a used Grumman canoe, think about these things: where to find one, what to check for, and how much to pay for it.

Where to look

Best Grumman Canoes are very common since they have been made for a long time and are durable. People who like hunting and fishing really like Grummans, so you can probably find a used one in rural areas. Look on sites like Craigslist or Kijiji for “aluminum canoes” or similar terms. Check all the listings since Grummans may not be named. You could also post that you want to buy a used aluminum canoe. Someone might have one in their backyard that they don’t use. They’d probably be glad for you to take it.

Where to look for

Best Grumman Canoes are very strong and can last a long time. But you should still check them before you buy them. Turn the canoe over and look for any dents or scratches on the bottom. Look at the ends of the canoe where the metal is bent. They might have cracks that let water in. Put the canoe in the water and see if it leaks. You can fix small holes with some metal glue. Pick up the canoe and listen for any water inside the canoe.

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How much to pay

Used Best Grumman Canoes can cost very different amounts depending on their condition and why the owner is selling. You may find some for under $500 if the seller just wants to get rid of it. A newer Grumman could sell for $800-$1000. To learn more about choosing a good used canoe, read our article “How To Buy A Used Canoe.” The article explains what to look for in a used canoe so you pick a good one.

Grumman canoe buying advice

Grumman makes quality canoes that last a long time. Their canoes come in aluminum, plastic, and wood. Aluminum canoes resist damage from sun, heat, snow, and rain. Plastic canoes can get damaged by the sun over time.

Best Grumman Canoes are good for relaxing paddling trips, fishing, or hunting. To pick the best Grumman canoe, think about how you will use it. Will you paddle with a paddle or motor? How many people need to fit in? The answers will help you choose the right length and style of canoe.


Grumman makes aluminum canoes that most people know. These have the classic canoe shape. They work best with single paddles, not motors or oars. These are Grumman’s lightest canoes. The Double-Ender comes in 13, 15, or 17 feet sizes.

The length you pick depends on some things, and there are tradeoffs. Longer canoes get heavier, but hold more stuff. A 17-foot canoe tracks better, but a 13-foot turns more easily.

So a solo paddler will control a 13- or 15-foot canoe better. A 17-footer has space for overnight trips with two people or a dog. Get the 17-foot if you always paddle with a partner, the 13-foot if you often go solo, and the 15-foot for some of both.


Grumman makes a 17-foot canoe with a square back. This model can hold a small 5-horsepower motor on the sturdy back part. The canoe weighs 85 pounds. That’s 10 pounds more than their other 17-foot canoe.

People can use regular canoe paddles to move the boat where motors don’t work well. Like in weeds or swampy areas. This canoe is good for hunters, fishers, or anyone who wants a motor sometimes. But also wants to paddle in shallow water.

3-in-1 Sportboat

3-in-1 Sportboat

If you want to have fun on the water, you should try the Grumman 3-in-1 Sportboat. It’s a big boat that you can paddle, motor, or row. It’s not very fast, but it’s very steady. It’s great for families who want to enjoy the water without any worries.

But be careful of other boats. Follow the rules of the water and stay out of their way. Don’t think they can see you. Stay away from busy areas if you can. If you have to paddle near boats, be alert and wear bright colors. The Sportboat is heavy because it’s wide and has a back part for the motor. It’s more like a boat than a canoe.

Is a Grumman a good canoe?

Grumman creates really good aluminum canoes. These canoes are perfect for casual paddling or for people who want a canoe that doesn’t need much upkeep.

When did Grumman start making Canoes?

Grumman started making canoes in 1944 during World War 2. Before that, they built aluminum planes for the war. They used their skill at bending and connecting aluminum sheets to make canoes. Their canoes were the first ones sold widely for fun boating.

During the war, many US companies grew quickly. Grumman took their plane-making knowledge and used it for canoes. They made the first recreational canoes people could buy.

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Does Grumman still make canoes?

Grumman started making canoes in 1944 during World War 2. Before that, they built aluminum planes for the war. They used their skill at bending and connecting aluminum sheets to make canoes. Their canoes were the first ones sold widely for fun boating.

During the war, many US companies grew quickly. Grumman took their plane-making knowledge and used it for canoes. They made the first recreational canoes people could buy.

Grumman canoe models

This year you can get 3 different Grumman canoe models. One is the Double-Ender which has the classic canoe shape. The other two are the Square-Stern and the 3-in-1 Sportboat. These both have flat backs so you can attach a motor. All the models come in 5 different color paints if you want. You don’t have to get just plain aluminum color.

Grumman canoe sizes

Grumman has different kinds of canoes. The “Double-Ender” comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. They are not very wide. The Square-stern canoe is the same size as the large “Double-Ender”, but it has a flat back. The 3-in-1 Sportboat is a bit bigger and wider than the others. It can do more things.

Grumman canoe dimensions

The size and features of Grumman canoes are different depending on the model. To see the specs for current Grumman canoe models, check our Paddling Buyer’s Guide. If you want to find the dimensions of older Best Grumman Canoes that are no longer made, you can search online or contact the Grumman company directly. They may still have the specs for discontinued models.

Weight of Grumman canoes

Grumman canoes weigh from 58 pounds for the 13-foot Double-Ender up to 122 pounds for the 3-in-1 Sportboat. The double-nder weights are similar to some polyethylene and fiberglass canoes of the same lengths.

Grumman canoe prices

Brand-new Grumman canoes begin at $1,500. The cost changes based on the type and size of the canoe.

Grumman canoe value

Grumman canoes are good because they last a long time. They work like new unless they get badly broken. Different people sell them for different prices. Some people just want to get rid of them, while others want to make more money. A good price for a used metal canoe is half to four-fifths of the new price.

Grumman canoe dealers

If you want to get a Grumman canoe, just use the dealer finder tool. You can find Grumman canoes at outdoor stores, and they might even be able to get one for you if they don’t have it in stock.

Compare Grumman canoes

Alumacraft vs Grumman Canoe

Alumacraft is a company from Minnesota that used to make canoes like Grumman. Now they only make metal boats, but you can sometimes buy their old canoes. An Alumacraft canoe is strong like a Grumman canoe. If you like metal canoes, you will be happy with either one. Grumman is a good choice if you want a new metal canoe, not an old one.

Don’t Forget Your Life Jacket You need a life jacket when you go on the water. It doesn’t matter if you can swim well. It’s hard to put on a life jacket after you fall in the water. The wind can push your boat away from you faster than you can swim to it. Always wear a life jacket that the USCG says is good for paddling. It should be Level 70 or Type III.

Grumman canoe reviews

Reading Grumman canoe reviews can teach you a lot. The reviews give more information than just the specs. People write about how they use the canoes. This helps you decide if a Grumman is right for you. And if you do want one, the reviews can help you pick the best model. Real people’s experiences show things you can’t learn from the official information. Reviews give extra insight to guide your choice.

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