15 Best Inflatable Kayaks in 2024 | 1 & 2 Person Inflatables

Paddle forth, friends! The search for the Best Inflatable Kayaks ends here. We’ve spent countless hours blowing up, paddling, and deflating every inflatable kayak under the sun to separate the winners from the losers. Our crew of testers – including total newbies, seasoned paddlers, and excitable pups – put these boats through their paces on lakes, rivers, and oceans.

 We flipped, splashed, raced, and relaxed to find the best inflatable kayaks that won’t let you down when adventure calls. Whether you’re short on space, looking for portability, or just want a fun and easy way to get out on the water, we’ve got you covered. We’re rounding up all of our expert reviews in one place, along with tips for first-time buyers.

Inflatable Kayak Reviews by Types

There are many kinds of Best Inflatable Kayaks. To find the best one for you, consider what type you want. Do you want to kayak alone, with a friend, or with a friend and a dog? Also, look at what other people say about the kayaks. Some kayaks are good for fast water or catching fish.

Top 15 Product Ratings

ProductOru Beach LTOur LakeAdvanced Elements AdvancedFramePakayak Bluefin 142Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible Tandem
Price$1,250 List$499 List$670 List$1,995 List$699.90 at Amazon
Overall Score8476747372
Star Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
ProsNo inflation required, lightweight, very durable, stable, fast, tracks well, easy setup and clean upVery lightweight, no parts leftover, smooth hull, lots of room insideHandles well, high durability, fast, stable, fabric is water-resistantGreat tracking and handling, easy to assemble, dry storage onboardHandles and tracks well, very durable, helpful features, and option for single or tandem paddling
ConsExpensive, seat cushion thin, rigid pack makes for an awkward carryThis lightweight and foldable kayak has a performance closer to that of a hardshell and is a joy to paddleHeavy, floor difficult to inflate, hard to drainExceptionally heavy, unimpressive case portability, too unstable for many paddlersHeavy, no paddles or pump included, expensive
Bottom LineOur LakeA less expensive folding kayak that’s exceptionally easy to set up and store and is a joy to paddle on calm, flat watersWith excellent handling, a long lifespan, and great comfort, this kayak will go the distanceA nesting-style sea kayak that paddles through big waves while taking up less room in the closetRather heavy but a great performance for a two-person model that can also be used solo
Gliding and Tracking (25%)
Maneuverability (20%)
Stability (20%)
Ease of Transport and Set Up (15%)
Comfort (10%)
Construction Quality (10%)
SpecsOru Beach LTOru LakeAdvanced Elements AdvancedFramePakayak Bluefin 142Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible Tandem
Measured Weight (boat and storage bag only)11.8 kg26.1 lbs7.71 kg17.0 lbs15.1 kg
CapacitySingle; 300 lbSingle; 250 lbSingle; 300 lbSingle; 300 lbTandem; 550 lb
Kayak Size (length x width)12′ 3″ x 2′ 6″8’11” x 2′ 8″10′ 3″ x 2′ 9″14′ 2″ x 2′15′ x 2′ 8″

The Top 6 Best Inflatable Kayaks in 2024

Here is a list of all the Best Inflatable Kayaks we have tested, 

Aquaglide Cirrus Ultralight 110

Aquaglide Cirrus Ultralight 110


| Material | TPU/70 denier nylon | Length | 11’35″ | Width | 33” | Tube Diameter | 9.5” | Weight | 14.75 lbs | Max Load | 300 lbs | Max Passengers | 1 | Seat Type | Inflatable | Drain Valves | 1 | Packed Dimensions | 23 x 15 x 16 inches | Use | Touring/flatwater kayaking |

The Cirrus Ultralight 110 is a special kind of Best Inflatable Kayaks. It is not made for relaxing near the lake, but you can use it for that too. The Cirrus is made for going on long trips on the water. It is very light, only 14.75 lbs so you can carry it with one hand or on your back. It also fits in a small bag with your other things.

The best thing about the Aquaglide Cirrus Ultralight 110 is that it is as light and small as a pack raft, but it is better for touring. It goes straight and fast on the water, so you can go farther and easier.

The Aquaglide Cirrus is very strong for its size. It is made of TPU and Nylon, which are tough materials. It also has a TPU floor that makes it stiff and stable. This technology makes the kayak strong without making it heavy.


  • Ultralight and highly portable
  • High performance for a touring kayak
  • Packs down crazy small
  • Bungees and D-rings to attach gear
  • Easy to attach fin for tracking


  • Pump not included
  • Paddle not included
  • More expensive than some inflatables
  • The drain valve sticks out from the hull
  • Seat straps hard to adjust

Intex Challenger K2

Intex Challenger K2
MaterialLengthWidthHeightWeightPersonMax. Weight CapacitySeat TypeFolded Dimensions
30-Gauge Vinyl11’6″2’6″1’3″38.24 lbs2400 lbsInflatable16.25″ x 12.5″ x 23.13″

The Intex Challenger K2 is a big Best Inflatable Kayak that you can set up and move easily. It is cheap and good for one or two people. It can also hold some more things with two people. This cheap kayak goes straight and turns well. It has everything you need to use it.

It is made of one layer of plastic. It is not very good for going far or fast. There are better kayaks for that. But for its cost, the Intex Challenger K2 is better than other cheap kayaks.


  • Better tracking than similar inflatables
  • Good for beginners
  • Can paddle solo or tandem
  • Maneuverable and stable


  • Single-layer less durable
  • Cramped for two tall paddlers
  • No mounts

Tomahawk Air-K

Tomahawk Air-K
MaterialLengthWidthWeightMax LoadMax PassengersAir ChambersAir PressureDrain Valves
PVC12’4″ / 375cm28″ / 72cm36.6 lbs / 16.6kg282 lbs / 128kg1310 psi2

The Aquamarina Tomahawk Air-K 375 is a big Best Inflatable Kayak for one person. It is solid and fast. It is better than most other Inflatable Kayaks. It costs around $1000. It is good for people who know how to kayak well and want to go far and fast on the water.

It is a great kayak for how it works. It is good for rivers and lakes, but not for big waves. It is open like a canoe, so water can get in. It has some other good things you can read more about in the package.


  • Paddles fast and handles great
  • Super stiff and stable
  • Fins and a V-shaped bottom help it track straight
  • Easy to set up


  • Hard to drain water under the floor
  • No bungees to tie down gear
  • Small storage space
  • Footrests tricky to install
  • No paddle included

Advance Elements AdvancedFrame

Advance Elements AdvancedFrame
Best Suited ForMaterialTypeCapacityDimensionsWeight
Beginners/Day touringPVC tarpaulinSit Inside550 lbs (249 kg)15′ x 32″52 pounds (23.5 kg)

If you want a kayak that you can carry around and use for short or long trips, you might like the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame tandem Best Inflatable Kayaks. This kayak is strong and can work with different kinds of floors that make it harder and firmer.

The Advanced Element tandem Best Inflatable Kayaks is easy to move and use after the first time. It is steady and easy to control compared to many other kayaks like it. The Advanced Elements tandem inflatable kayak is good for people who enjoy kayaking in quiet water or safe places but don’t have room to keep a hard boat.


  • Converts from solo to tandem
  • Great for flatwater and lakes
  • Handles rough weather well
  • It is very durable and tracks smoothly
  • Paddle holders on the sides


  • Not for heavier paddlers
  • Takes a while to dry
  • Will take on water if underinflated

Aquaglide Blackfoot 160

MaterialsWeightLengthWidthHeightWeight CapacityWater RatingCost
Duratex™ reinforced 50 lbs.16′38″13.5″800 lbs.Choppy – RoughUSD 1599.99

The Blackfoot 160 Tandem Kayak is a big and steady kayak that has many things for people who like fishing. This kayak is like a balloon that you can fill with air and it is very strong, so it works like a hard boat. You can use the Blackfoot 160 in different kinds of water, even if they are not calm. It has holes that let the water out and a cover that keeps the water away from you.

The kayak has a big space where you can sit and fish easily. You can also get in and out of the kayak without trouble. The seats can be moved up or down, so you can choose how you want to sit. You can also take them out and use them on the sand when you stop.

The Blackfoot 160 has many ways to make it comfortable for you. The kayak has 36 loops on the floor where you can put your seats, cooler, and other things. It also has straps and pads that let you arrange your things the way you like.

You can attach many things to the kayak, like rods, hooks, cameras, cups, etc. You can have fun with the Blackfoot 160, whether you want to go fast or slow on the water. The kayak can change to fit your needs.


  • Great for fishing
  • Lots of features
  • Versatile, comfortable seats
  • Durable construction
  • Very stable


  • Slower to inflate
  • Pump not included
  • More expensive than some
  • Heavier than some
  • Storage areas are not waterproof

Aqua Marina Betta 412

MaterialWidthWeightMax LoadMax PassengersAir ChambersAir PressureDrain Valves
PVC31″ / 80cm26 lbs / 11.8kg396 lbs / 180kg231.45 psi5

The Aqua Marina Betta is a kayak you can fill with air and use with another person. It is not heavy or fancy, but it moves well and has a curve at the front and back. It is good for families and couples who want to kayak in quiet water. The kayak is worth the money you pay for it.

 It has some problems that might make it hard to use for long trips, but it is usually a good boat.

People who are new to kayaking or don’t know much about it will like this kayak for having fun on the water. But the seat might feel too high and shaky for some people who are scared of falling.


  • Lightweight and transportable
  • Double fin improves tracking
  • Handles for easy carrying
  • Simple setup
  • High rocker makes it very maneuverable


  • Narrow cockpit
  • High seats reduce stability
  • The foot pump is slow
  • The footrest too wide for the cockpit
  • No deck bungees

Inflatable Kayak Buyers Guide

  • Materials
  • Set-up
  • Stability
  • Performance
  • Weight Capacity


kayak material

More people like Best Inflatable Kayaks now because they are easy to use on the water. Inflatable kayaks are not heavy, can be moved easily, and don’t take up much space, so you don’t need a big place, a big car, or a special rack to carry your kayak.

Best Inflatable Kayaks are good for having fun in quiet waters like small bays, lakes, and slow rivers. Some Best Inflatable Kayaks can also be used in fast water. Inflatables are usually made from PVC or other strong materials like vinyl or rubber that can handle hits, scratches, and cuts. 

You can fill these kayaks with air using a hand or electric pump. Most of the Best Inflatable Kayaks we tried take about 5-10 minutes to get ready, and the same time to put away. Always wash and dry your inflatable kayak before you store it to stop mold from growing.

 With more people liking inflatable kayaks, there are more kinds and brands of Best Inflatable Kayaks to choose from, which can be hard when you are new. This guide will help you know what to think about when buying an inflatable kayak and help you understand the information in the reviews above.

First, when you want to buy an inflatable kayak, you need to think about where you will kayak (place), who you will kayak with (age, how good they are, and how many people), how much stuff you will bring (short or long trip), and how often you will use your kayak (every week or only sometimes).

These questions will help you know what you want in an inflatable kayak. If you kayak in quiet water like lakes and small bays, you don’t need a cover that keeps water out like you might need for rough water or fast water. If you kayak with your kids and pets, you might need stronger material and more steadiness than if you kayak with your friends or partner.


The material used to make an inflatable kayak is important. Look for kayaks made from quality, puncture-resistant materials. The most common options are PVC, vinyl, nylon, and rubber.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a popular synthetic plastic polymer used in inflatables. It is durable yet lightweight, like in the Aquaglide Cirrus. With PVC, the seams are welded together for strength without extra weight.

Vinyl is cheaper and lighter than PVC. It packs down smaller but is less rigid, affecting performance. Rubber is a natural, durable, puncture-resistant material. But it can be heavy and expensive compared to synthetics.

Some inflatables combine vinyl and fabric like nylon. The fabric provides sun protection but takes longer to dry out, increasing mold risk. The vinyl layer makes it waterproof.


When choosing an inflatable kayak, make sure it’s easy to inflate and deflate. Some come with a pump, others require you to buy one separately. Manual pumps inflate the kayak by hand, while electric pumps are faster.

Also, consider how long it takes to attach parts like seats and footrests. These clip or attach to the kayak, so they add more time when setting up. The easier and faster it is to inflate the kayak and connect the accessories, the more time you’ll have to paddle. Look for an inflatable that’s simple to put together if you plan to use it a lot.


kayak Performance

When paddling a kayak with kids or pets, pick one that is stable and won’t tip over easily. Look for kayaks that are wide and flat on the bottom or have multiple air chambers. This makes them more steady. Also check the weight limit to make sure the kayak can hold you, your child or pet, and your gear safely. 

Weight Capacity

Inflatable kayaks can hold different amounts of weight, from 350 to 700 pounds. This means they can fit one to three people. When you pick the weight limit of your kayak, think about how many people and how much stuff you will take with you.

You need to make sure that the kayak can carry you and your things. A boat that is too heavy could bend or sink in the water. Remember if you want to bring pets with you, you need to add their weight and make sure they have room to be happy.

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