Best Kayak Dog Seats & SUP Deck Pads

Do you like to paddle with your dog? We have checked the best Kayak Dog Seats and Sup pads for your dog to sit on your kayak or paddleboard. They are good for your dog’s paws and you can change them to fit your boat.

Kayak Dog Seats

We wrote this article with links to buy the products. We get some money if you buy from the links, but we only tell you about the good products. You can trust us because we love to paddle with our dogs too. It is very fun and you can see new things. But you need to make sure your dog is safe and comfortable on the water.

Doggone it, you want your furry first mate to join you on all your water adventures! But with all the splashing and shifting around in a kayak or on a stand-up paddleboard, how can you keep them comfortably onboard? Enter the Kayak Dog Seats and SUP deck pad – your pup’s ticket to ride shotgun without bailing overboard at the first rogue wave.

 These clever contraptions stick securely to your vessel so your water-woofing companion stays planted, even when the water gets wild. From grippy textures to prevent sliding to waterproof adhesives that won’t loosen, today’s kayak dog seats and SUP pads let your four-legged friend hang ten without slipping into a watery mess.

Top 6 Best Kayak Dog Seats


Best Overall: Pau Hana Dog Pad

EVA plastic with self-adhesive backing31” x 21.2” x 0.2”

Pau Hana Dog Pad

It is the first Best Kayak Dog Seats. The Pau Hana Dog Pad lets your pup tag along in your kayak or on your paddleboard without slipping around. This cushiony pad sticks right onto the deck so Fido stays put. The grippy plastic and sticky underside keep your dog’s paws from sliding, even when the pad gets drenched. No more soaked pooch sputtering around the cockpit!

At 31 inches by 21 inches, it should squeeze into most kayaks just fine. But the flexible pad can be trimmed down if you need a custom fit. The durable material holds up well against doggy claws and wet conditions. Slap it on and hit the water with your first mate! This pad lets your pup hang ten (or two) while you paddle tandem.


  • Kayak Dog Seats Easily customizable through cutting
  • A superior grip prevents the dog from slipping


  • Not suitable for inflatable paddle boards or kayaks
  • Best Value: Seattle Sports SUP Dog Board Pad

Best Value: Seattle Sports SUP Dog Board Pad

EVA plastic with self-adhesive backing38” x 20” x 0.1”

Seattle Sports SUP Dog

The Seattle Sports Dog Pad is another good option if you’re looking for a pad that can be easily customized to fit different kayak and paddleboard sizes. This pad is noticeably larger than the Pau Hana one, so it’s a better choice if you have a big sit-on-top kayak or need more space for a larger dog.

The material isn’t as thick and cushy as the Pau Hana, but it still has enough grip to keep your pup from sliding around when the waves kick up. The thinner design also makes it super easy just to take scissors and trim the pad down if you need to resize it.

Once you get it stuck on, this pad is meant to stay on permanently. It uses a similar self-adhesive that you peel and stick to your board. One thing to note – while it works fine on hard kayaks and boards, some folks have found that the adhesive doesn’t hold as well on inflatable models if you’re deflating and re-inflating frequently.


  • Tailored for cutting and adjustments
  • Kayak Dog Seats Ideal for bigger dogs


  • Might require alterations for kayak fitting
  • Doesn’t adhere effectively to inflatable kayaks or paddle boards

Best Budget: Pelican Sport Dog Traction Pad

EVA plastic with self-adhesive backing21.25” x 15.31” x 0.2”

Pelican Sport Dog

Pelican sells kayaks and paddle boards, but their dog traction pad seems better for kayaks. You get 4 individual pads in the package, and 2 have cool dog prints you can stick wherever.

The pads are thicker than the Seattle Sports ones mentioned before, but Pelican kept the price down and made them flexible to fit different kayaks.

They use the same sticky adhesive as the other brands so they’ll stay on permanently.

Some people reported getting cheap knock-off versions from certain sellers that don’t stick well though. So check the reviews if you aren’t buying directly from Pelican to avoid getting a dud.


  • Comes in 4 pieces so it’s easy to put in your kayak
  • Thick padding can still be cut to fit your kayak


  • Kayak Dog Seats Some sellers ship fake, lower-quality versions

 Best Gili Komodo 

DimensionsWeightMaximum CapacityMaterials
10’6” x 33” x 6”21 Lbs340 LbsDual Layer Fusion Construction

 Best Gili Komodo 

Apart from its spacious deck pad, the Gili Komodo offers versatile features including action mounts, two detachable bungee storage options, a paddle holder, and four D rings for accessories like a cooler or Gili’s kayak conversion kit.

Equipped with a 3-fin setup, this board ensures excellent tracking and stability during forward paddling, supported by 5” side fins that enhance grip in the water, ensuring stability while in motion.


  • A big deck pad gives dogs lots of room to stand
  • Can remove bungees so the dog doesn’t trip
  • Many dog owners recommend this board
  • Very stable for the size
  • Sales support ocean charities like turtle rescue


  • The basic pump included not high-quality
  • Front deck pad could use more grip, like diamond groove padding

Why Is It A Good Dog Pick?

The Gili Komodo is a good pad for your dog to sit on your paddle board. It has a pad that covers the whole board. The pad has 3 different parts that are good for your dog’s paws. You can put your dog in the middle of the back of the board.

The paddle board is very light at 21 pounds. It is made of a strong and thin material. It is easy to carry and use the paddle board, even when you have your dog with you.


The Gili Komodo is a good paddle board for Kayak Dog Seats that are not too big. It is long and wide enough for them to sit on. Many people who bought this board have dogs with them. One person even has a big dog that weighs 100 lbs. She goes to many places with her dog on the board.

Board Features And Design

The Gili Komodo paddleboard has many handy extras beyond the big deck pad. You can attach action mounts, bungee storage, a paddle holder, and D-rings for securing gear.

The 3 fins help the board glide straight while feeling steady. The 5″ side fins add stability so you don’t feel wobbly.

The smooth shape quickly slides through water without slowing you down. It can carry up to 340 pounds, so should be sturdy enough for you and your dog.

 Best Nixy Monterey (Big Dog Pick) 

DimensionsWeightMaximum CapacityMaterials
11’6” x 33” x 6”25 Lbs400 LbsAdvanced FusionTech dual-layer laminated, woven drop stitch. Dual Chamber construction

 Best Nixy Monterey dog

The Nixy Monterey paddleboard is super stable, like, one of the best out there! This is key if you’re paddling with your furry friend in choppy water. It’s also long and wide, making it feel like a sturdy platform to learn on, perfect for bigger dogs like huskies and rottweilers.

 Think of it as a steady boat for your wobbly pup! Compared to the Komodo board, the Monterey’s bigger size makes it easier for both you and your dog to stand without tipping over, even if your pup is feeling a little unsure. 


  • Kayak Dog Seats Good for big dogs to learn
  • Kayak Dog Seats Large deck pad area
  • Very stable for beginners and dogs
  • Extra bladder adds safety


  • Longer setup with two chambers
  • Narrow noses and tails give less room for dogs

Why Is It A Good Dog Pick?

The Nixy Monterey stand-up paddleboard is a great choice for dogs because of its excellent stability. At 11 feet 6 inches long and 34 inches wide, it’s very steady and balanced. This board also has handy safety features built-in, which give some extra peace of mind just in case.

Another great thing about the Nixy Monterey is the large deck pad covering most of the board’s surface. This gives your dog plenty of grip while standing. There are also 6 rows of bungee cords across the front for easily securing gear and other items. You can remove these if you want more open space.


The Nixy Monterey is a good paddle board for dogs. It does not shake much when the water is not calm. The Nixy Monterey is good for teaching your dog how to paddle. It is long and wide, so your dog can sit on it easily. This is good for big dogs like huskies and rottweilers.

The Nixy Monterey is bigger than the Komodo. It is easier to stand on it, even if your dog is moving around. This makes this a good choice for big dogs.

Best Bote HD Aero 11’6” (Premium Pick) 

FeaturesDimensionsWeightMaximum CapacityMaterials
AeroBOTE Technology11’6” x 34” x 6”30 Lbs315 LbsAeroBOTE Technology

Best Bote HD Aero 11’6

The Bote Aero 11’6″ stand-up paddle board is a great choice because nearly the whole deck has grooved padding. This textured grip helps your dog’s nails hold on when the water gets rough.

Another handy feature is that it’s compatible with Magnepods. Magnepods are magnetic devices that hold cups and bowls in place. This makes it easy to keep your dog’s water and food bowls secured without fumbling through bags.

The grooved deck grip and built-in Magnepod compatibility make the Bote Aero a convenient and stable paddle board for taking dogs out on the water. No more spilling bowls or slipping paws!


  • Great for dogs
  • A paddle sheath good for training pups
  • Very stable in water
  • Magne Pod holder provides easy drinking access


  • Kayak Dog Seats is Heaviest board on the list
  • Total 49 lb weight hard to carry with dog

Kayak Dog Seats & SUP Deck Pad Buying Advice

Choosing the Kayak Dog Seats or deck pad takes some thought. Here’s what to look for:

Material & Installation

  • I like the EVA plastic in the pads mentioned. It’s cushy but lets dogs grip with their claws.
  • These are made to stay on permanently. Could you not use it on a rental kayak? The adhesive sticks tight.
  • Good for your kayak. Measure carefully and do a test fit before removing the adhesive backing. Start sticking the middle down first, then the edges. This prevents bubbling.

Size & Customization

  • You can easily cut these down to fit your kayak and dog. For bigger dogs like labs, get a larger pad like the 38″ x 20″ Seattle Sports.
  • If a dog is too big for even the largest pads, they may be too big to take paddling.


Some people like to use soft boards for their dogs. They are not hard and they help the dogs stay on the board. Hard boards can be painful if you fall on them. Soft boards are getting better and can go fast on the water too.

Your board should be fine if it has two or more layers of PVC. Some people say you should “trim your dog’s nails before using a soft board”. But this is not good because new nails are very sharp and can damage the board more than old nails.

Wait for 5 to 7 days after cutting your dog’s nails before you go on a board. This will make the nails smooth again.

Some people like different things. A kayak can be better for a dog because it has walls that make them feel safe. You can also try a special board like the BOTE Deus Aero that has big walls and can be used as a kayak or a board. Boards are good too. If your dog likes to swim, they can jump in the water easily when they are hot or want to play. But remember to put a life jacket on your dog!

We think the Gili Komodo is the best board for dogs. It has a pad that covers the whole board to help with grip and stability. It is 33 inches wide and can fit many kinds of dogs.

For larger dogs, we like the Nixy Monterey G4. It is 11 feet 6 inches long and 34 inches wide. It is very stable and strong. It also has an extra air chamber for more safety in case the main one leaks.

Some things to remember when you want a soft board for your dog are:

The Shape and Size of the Board (All Around Boards are good) Board Size (10 feet 6 inches and 32 inches wide for medium dogs, 34 inches and 11 feet 6 inches for big dogs) Stability (Think about the shape and size of the board and where your dog is) Deck Pad and Deck Options (Choose a board with a pad that covers most of the board and that you can remove things like bungee cords from) Materials (Pick a board that has Fusion layers or double or triple PVC layers. Don’t buy a board that has only one PVC layer. They are low quality and won’t last long.)

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