Best Kayak Paddles

Finding the perfect paddle makes kayaking so much better! We picked the Best Kayak Paddles for all budgets and activities – from whitewater thrills to fishing trips. The right paddle for you depends on many factors. Weight, length, blade size, and more affect how it performs.

Best Kayak Paddles

In this article, we split paddles into categories to help you choose what fits your needs.

If you’re tackling rapids, adventuring for days, or casting lines, we found excellent options. Keep reading to discover the Best Kayak Paddles to match your next water adventure!

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Top 8 Best Kayak Paddles

For a quick choice, here are our best options. Keep scrolling for more details on our complete list with thorough reviews.

Best Overall: Aqua-Bound Tango

1 lb 10 oz220-240 cmCarbon FiberFiberglass
Aqua-Bound Tango

The Aqua-Bound Tango paddle gives you great performance without the huge price tag. It’s lighter than cheaper paddles at under 2 pounds, thanks to its carbon fiber shaft and fiberglass blade.

While a few more ounces off would be nice for all-day paddling, most kayakers will find the Tango feels lightweight and easy to use. It’s especially an upgrade if you’re used to heavy, clunky starter Best Kayak Paddles.

The 96-square-inch blade provides a good balance of power and control. Top marks go to the Tango’s low swing weight and flexing shaft. This prevents the annoying fluttering feeling that beginners often struggle with.

Adjusting the feathering angle is simple with the 2-lock system that clicks from 0 to 60 degrees. The same lock allows you to easily break down the paddle for storage and transport.

With 3 length options, most paddlers can find a Tango size that fits them well. An affordable way to step up your performance!


  • Easy to adjust while paddling
  • Good balance of weight, power, and performance
  • Best Kayak Paddles Great mid-range paddle for most kayakers


  • Not as lightweight as the very Best Kayak Paddles

Best Value: Werner Skagit FG

2 lbs 2 oz220-260 cmCarbon/FiberglassFiberglass Reinforced Nylon

I’ve always preferred smaller blade surfaces since they make me feel more efficient paddling. But most beginner and budget-friendly paddles go the other way with wider blades that reduce flutter. This is what sets the Werner Skagit FG apart – it has a narrower blade than the Aqua-Bound Tango.

While the smaller blade has a steeper learning curve, I think starting with one allows you to use most paddles later on. One thing I love is the number of size options Werner offers for the Skagit. Having 250 cm and 260 cm choices is awesome for tall folks with long arms who can finally get a full stroke without tipping!

The carbon fiber and fiberglass shaft is super durable too. It can handle hours of hardcore paddling without warping or cracks. However, it is heavier than the Tango at over 2 pounds.

Make sure you’re okay lugging that extra weight if you’re planning a long trip with full days of paddling. Those extra ounces make a difference over time!


  • Good performance for the price
  • Smaller blades are efficient
  • Multiple sizes great for tall paddlers


  • Heavier than top paddles
  • More fluttering if you’re a beginner

Best Budget: Bending Branches Whisper

2 lbs 5 oz210-240 cmAluminumFiberglass Reinforced Polypropylene
 Bending Branches Whisper

The Bending Branches Whisper paddle is even more budget-friendly than the Skagit FG, making it great for beginners. The aluminum shaft and polypropylene blade can handle bumps, drops, and underwater scrapes, keeping on paddling.

The durable materials do add some weight compared to fiberglass and carbon fiber paddles. You’ll start to feel it in your shoulders after a few hours. So the Whisper is better for casual, short paddles rather than multi-day trips.

The blade is smaller than the Skagit FG but wider since it’s symmetrical. You won’t win races with the Whisper, but it forgives stroke inefficiencies and prevents fluttering. Paddles this cheap usually lack features, but the Whisper doesn’t. You still get handy flexibility like 60-degree feathering and the ability to shift hand control. 

The low-profile adjustment button disappears into the shaft, giving a smooth one-piece look. But it still allows easy breakdown for storage and transport.


  • Great for newcomers or beginners
  • Sturdy and resilient, difficult to damage


  • Limited customization options in its price range
  • Heavier compared to more expensive Best Kayak Paddles
  • Symmetrical blade shape impacts efficiency

Best Ultralight High-Performance Paddle: Werner Kalliste

1 lb 7 oz220-240 cmCarbon FiberCarbon Fiber with Foam Core
 Werner Kalliste

The Werner Kalliste paddle glides so smoothly, that you won’t want to go back to fiberglass or aluminum! The lightweight carbon fiber shaft and foam core blades shed weight without losing power or durability.

The foam-filled blades slip into the water quietly for a peaceful paddle. The asymmetrical, angled shape also cuts through the water efficiently with barely a flutter. The midsize blade excels at bracing in rough water. It’s also great for edging kayaks or sculling in any direction thanks to the flutter-reducing ribless back.

This is a paddle made for avid kayakers. Yes, it costs more than others here. But it shines on long trips thanks to the low-effort stroke. Less swing per stroke keeps you paddling faster and longer!


  • Great for maneuvers like edging and sculling
  • Lightweight and quiet on water
  • Perfect for longer Best Kayak Paddles


  • Costly for casual paddlers
  • Less durable than plastic or aluminum Best Kayak Paddles

Best Greenland-Style Paddle: Gearlab Outdoors Kalleq

1 lb 9 oz210-230 cmCarbon FiberCarbon Fiber
Gearlab Outdoors Kalleq

The sleek, all-carbon-fiber Gearlab Outdoors Kalleq paddle embraces tradition with modern upgrades for performance and durability. At just 1.1 mm thick, it glides seamlessly into the water for fast open-water paddling. The lightweight carbon fiber frame reduces fatigue on long trips too.

Despite being so thin, the ingenious carbon fiber weave makes it surprisingly tear-resistant and durable. The ends have replaceable polyamide ProTek tips in fun colors. These protect the blade from damage in shallow or rocky conditions.

Hidden titanium hardware resists rust and makes maintenance easy. I love that it breaks down into two pieces for storage, unlike most Greenland Best Kayak Paddles.


  • Provides excellent paddling performance
  • Made entirely from strong carbon fiber
  • Removable, durable tips


  • Among the more expensive paddle choices
  • Users might face a steeper learning curve

Best for Fishing: Bending Branches Angler Ace Snap

1 lb 14 oz230-260 cmCarbon FiberCarbon Fiber with Foam Core
Bending Branches Angler Ace Snap

The Bending Branches Angler Ace Snap has clever extras that enhance fishing trips, though any paddle works.

The shaft has a tape measure to instantly size your catch – no tools needed! It also has a hook retrieval system in the blade to snag lost tackle. This can save you money on lost lures.

The Angler isn’t for marathons. The oversized blade needs more effort per stroke. But it practically eliminates fluttering. And at under 2 pounds, it’s still lightweight.

You only get 60-degree adjustments instead of 15-degree increments. But it’s easy to paddle and packed with fishing features. Have fun on the water even if the fish aren’t biting!

  • It has a hook to get things back and a tape to measure them
  • It is very light
  • It comes in big sizes too
  • It can’t bend more than 60 degrees

Best for Whitewater: Werner Powerhouse Fiberglass

2 lbs 3 oz194-206 cmFiberglassFiberglass
 Werner Powerhouse Fiberglass

The Werner Powerhouse is a great paddle for fast and rough rivers.

It is shorter than other Best Kayak Paddles, so you can steer your kayak better in tight spaces.

You can adjust the angle of the paddle to suit your hand and style. The shape of the blade also helps you keep your balance and control.

It is a bit heavy, but that’s not a big deal because you don’t paddle for too long or too much.

The paddle is very strong and won’t break easily if you hit something under the water.


  • Tough and withstands underwater collisions
  • Dihedral blade for better bracing control
  • Good performance at a reasonable price


  • The base design lacks drip rings
  • Full-sized blades may be large for smaller
  •  paddlers

Best for Kids: Perception Hi-Five Kids Kayak Paddle

1 lb 11 oz190 cmAluminumFiberglass Reinforced Polypropylene
Hi-Five Kids Kayak Paddle

For young paddlers, the Perception Hi Five kids’ paddle is affordable and indestructible. You don’t want to overspend since they’ll outgrow it. But it should survive anything kids dish out.

The aluminum shaft and plastic/fiberglass blade are super rugged. The shorter shaft teaches proper technique without being too heavy. Under 2 pounds despite the materials!

It’s not as fancy as the adult versions. But it does have simple 60-degree feathering for versatility.

The Hi-Five works great with narrow kayaks. But the short shaft may not reach the water in some wider boats or sit-ins with high walls. Then you may need a longer kids’ paddle.

Let them paddle safely while learning skills on this durable, junior-sized option! It’s built to handle your kid’s adventures for a season or two.


  • Extremely durable build
  • Ideal for smaller paddlers due to the shorter shaft and smaller diameter
  • Feathering capability up to 60 degrees


  • May not be compatible with certain kayak types
  • Not intended for high-performance use

Is a Greenland Paddle Right for Me?

  • Greenland paddles are thin and light paddles that look like sticks. They are good for long trips on the sea.
  • They don’t hurt your arms as much as other Best Kayak Paddles. They push the water better in the middle and end of the stroke.
  • They are not good for rivers, lakes, or waves. They don’t work well in these places.
  • If you like to go on long trips to the sea, you might like the Greenland paddle. The Gearlab Kalleq is a nice one to try. The Werner Kalliste is another option.
  • The Greenland paddle is hard to use at first. The blade shakes a lot and you need to paddle well to use it right.


We have four kinds of paddles for you to choose from: the Aquaglide Aries, the Aquaglide Orion, the Pelican Standard, and the Pelican Kayak. They are all good for new kayakers. They are easy to hold and steer on the water.

Some kayak paddles are cheap and some are expensive. The part of the paddle that touches the water is very important for the price. The part of the paddle that you hold can also change the price. The lowest price for a paddle is $40. This kind of paddle has a metal handle and a glass-like part that touches the water.

Kayak paddles can be heavy or light. A paddle is light if it weighs less than 2 pounds. 2 pounds is the same as 36 ounces.

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