How to Store Kayaks –10 Kayak Storage Ideas 

Do you love kayak fishing? And want to know How to Store Kayaks? Whether you do it all year round or only in the warmer months, you want your kayak to last long and stay in good shape. But how do you store your kayak when you are not using it?

You don’t want to find any cracks or damage that will ruin your fishing fun. That’s why I’m here to give you some easy tips on how to store your kayak the right way and keep it safe from the weather.



If you want to keep your kayak in the garage, you have many choices. We asked some kayak fishing lovers what they do to store their kayaks. You can buy some kayak holders that are not expensive, or you can make your own with things you have at home. The important thing is to find the best way for your space and your kayak.

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You can keep your kayak standing up for a short time. But you need a high ceiling for this. You also need to make sure your kayak does not fall on anyone or anything. You can turn the kayak so the seat is not facing the wall. 

Then you can use some straps to hold it in place. You can strap it to a pole or a hook on the wall or the ceiling. If you don’t have a pole or a hook, you can put some rings on the wall or the ceiling and tie your kayak to them.

How to Store Kayaks

  • Don’t keep your boat on the floor or ground for too long. It can make the bottom of the boat change shape and get wet or dirty.
  • Most people who paddle use a rack or a hanging system to hold How to Store Kayaks :
  • Hanging: You can hang your boat from the ceiling to save space. You can buy a hanging system made for kayaks or make your own with wide straps. To keep the bottom of the boat safe, hang it so that the bottom faces the ceiling. Don’t hang the boat by the handles. It can bend the boat. Use wide straps that go around the boat.
  • Whether you use a rack or hang your boat, here are some things to remember:
  • Keep your kayak clean: Wash your kayak with fresh water before you put it away. This will remove any dirt, sand, salt, or other things. Check the steering parts and the pedals. Wash the boat with mild soap and water a few times a year. Don’t use strong chemicals that can hurt the boat. 
  • Balance the weight: The bottom of the kayak can change shape or bend over time if the weight is not balanced. When you store your boat, you need to support the boat at different points along its length, using soft holders or wide nylon straps that fit the shape of the bottom. 

Top 10 Best Kayak Storage Racks Review in 2024

  • Avoid pressure points: Don’t tie your boat too tightly when you store it on a rack or hang it. Too much pressure from the straps can change the shape of the kayak.
  • Protect from the sun: You can spray your hard-shell boat with something that protects it from the sun’s rays.
  • Don’t forget your other things: You also need to take care of things like your paddle, skirt, bags, and pump. When you store your boat for a long time, take these things out of your boat, wash them with fresh water, let them dry, and, if you can, keep them inside.
  • Make it easy to get: You don’t want your boat to be hard to reach. You want to use it often.

10 Kayak Storage Ideas 

Kayaks are great on the water, but not so much in the garage. They can take up a lot of space and make a mess. But don’t worry, we have some kayak storage tips for you. They will help you save space and keep your garage neat.

1. Ceiling Rack

Ceiling Rack

It is the first point of How to Store Kayaks? This kayak storage rack lets you store 2 kayaks on your ceiling to save space. It can hold up to 150 pounds total, with 75 pounds on each side. The padded arms prevent the kayaks from getting scratched.

The arms come in 25-inch and 30-inch sizes to fit different types of kayaks up to 18 inches thick. You can install the rack vertically or horizontally on your ceiling rafters. It’s available on Amazon.

2. Simple Pulley System

 Simple Pulley System

Use a pulley system to store your kayaks overhead. The pulleys make it easy to lift the kayaks up and down. They also have a safety lock to prevent accidents. The system comes with two ceiling hooks that can each hold 125 pounds.

The hooks have a rubber coating to protect the kayaks from getting scratched. This works best if your ceiling is not higher than 12 feet. You can find these pulley systems on Amazon. Storing your kayaks overhead keeps them out of the way. This makes your garage less cluttered so you can stay relaxed after kayaking.

3. Wall-Mounted Rack

Wall-Mounted Rack

This kayak wall rack lets you How Store Kayaks vertically on a wall to save floor space in your garage or storage area. It has thick foam padding to prevent scrapes and dings to the kayak. Safety straps keep the kayak securely in place on the rack. It can hold up to 125 pounds. The rack sticks out only 21 inches from the wall so it doesn’t take up much room. It’s available on Amazon.

4. Folding Floor Stands

Folding Floor Stands

Use kayak stands to keep your kayaks off the garage floor. The stands are made of steel with soft rubber padding. They hold up to 100 pounds in total and don’t need any assembly. The stands lift the kayaks for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Placing your kayaks on stands protects them from damage on the rough floor. It also keeps them organized in the garage. Look for these handy kayak stands on Amazon. Storing your kayaks properly maintains them for lasting use. And it helps keep your garage clutter-free so you can relax after paddling.

5. Freestanding Rack

Freestanding Rack

This is five points of How to Store Kayaks. This kayak rack can hold 2 kayaks and support up to 175 pounds total. It’s great for getting your kayaks off the floor and out of the way. It has stabilizing feet that can be permanently bolted down for extra security.

A version with wheels is also available, so you can easily move the rack around your garage. The adjustable arms fit most kayak designs. The soft foam padding helps prevent damage to the kayaks. You can find this 2-kayak rack on Amazon.

6. Wall Hooks

Wall Hooks

Store your kayaks on wall racks to free up floor space. These racks come in a package of six, so you can store up to three kayaks. Each set of hangers holds up to 50 pounds. They are designed not to damage the kayaks. The racks work for kayaks less than 13 inches wide. You can use the racks inside or outside your garage, depending on the material.

Hanging your kayaks on the wall keeps them organized and out of the way. This opens up floor space in your garage. It also protects your kayaks from damage. Look for these handy wall racks on Amazon. Proper storage helps you relax after kayaking without garage clutter.

7. Kayak Cover

7. Kayak Cover

This kayak cover is waterproof, dustproof, and UV-resistant to protect your kayak. It prevents water damage, dust buildup, and fading from sunlight. You can use it to cover your kayak whether it’s stored on a wall rack, ceiling rack, or on the floor. The cover comes in different sizes to fit kayaks ranging from 9 feet 3 inches up to 18 feet long. It’s available on Amazon.

8. Rack With Wheels

How to Store Kayaks? Use a wheeled kayak rack to easily move your kayaks in the garage. The rack has six lockable wheels. When locked, it stays securely in place. The rack stores two kayaks vertically, one above the other. It can hold up to 175 pounds in total. The width can be adjusted to fit wider kayaks. Padded arms protect the kayaks from getting scratched. That’s why people want How to Store Kayaks.

 This wheeled rack lets you easily move your kayaks to clear space or clean the garage. Storing them vertically saves floor area. Locking the wheels keeps the kayaks secure when not in use. Check for these handy-wheeled racks on Amazon. Proper kayak storage helps reduce garage clutter and stress.

9. Cart With Wheels

Cart With Wheels

It is the second last step of How to Store Kayaks. The RAD Sportz kayak cart makes it easy to transport your kayak. It has wheels and tie-down straps to secure a kayak weighing up to 150 lbs. The 10-inch airless tires won’t go flat. It’s great for living near the water so you can quickly launch your kayak. Or use it to easily move your kayak around in your garage. This handy kayak cart is available on Amazon.

10. Strap System

Strap System

It is the last step of How to Store Kayaks. This adjustable strap system allows you to hang 2 kayaks from the wall or ceiling. Each heavy-duty 1.5-inch strap can hold up to 100 lbs, for a total weight capacity of 200 lbs.

The wide straps won’t damage the kayaks. Quick-release buckles make it easy to load and unload the kayaks. This handy strap system for storing kayaks vertically is available on Amazon.

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