Best Kayak Trailers for Cars, Trucks, and Bicycles

Transporting kayaks can be difficult. Lifting them onto your car roof and tying them down takes effort. Using Best Kayak Trailers makes it much easier to move multiple kayaks and gear to the water. A good trailer also means you don’t have to lift the kayaks high.

Best Kayak Trailers

But finding the right trailer isn’t always easy. You need one that works for your specific kayaks and vehicle. We looked at them and picked the best options. Whether you need to carry one kayak or several, we have picks for different situations. Keep reading for our trailer recommendations and buying advice to help you choose.

Top 8 Best Kayak Trailers for Cars, Trucks, and Bicycles

Best Single Kayak Trailer: Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer Kit

DimensionsWeightLoad Capacity
127 x 53 x 16 in216 lbs610 lbs

Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer Kit

The Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer Kit is an affordable option for transporting your kayak. It has a 610 lb weight capacity, which can handle even heavy kayaks.

The trailer comes with protective fenders, padded storage racks, a coupler, and tail Navigation lights – everything you need to haul your kayak. It has 12-inch tires for a smooth ride up to 55 mph. The powder-coated steel frame is durable for long-term use.

A couple of limitations are that the trailer bed is designed for a single kayak, and the trailer itself is fairly heavy. So it may not work as well for smaller vehicles.

But if you want an easy, budget-friendly trailer to get your kayak to the water, the Ironton kit has all the basics covered. With protective padding and a sturdy steel frame, it can reliably transport your kayak without breaking the bank.


  • Affordable kayak trailer
  • Durable powder-coated steel construction
  • Padded bed for kayak protection


  • Heavy for a small trailer

Best Double Kayak Trailer: Malone MicroSport 2-Boat MegaWing Kayak Trailer Package

DimensionsWeightLoad Capacity
159 x 78 x 30 in197 lbs800 lbs

Malone MicroSport 2-Boat

The Malone MicroSport trailer is one of the most popular choices for kayak adventurers. This rugged yet lightweight trailer can carry up to two 20-foot kayaks, making it perfect for duo paddling trips.

The trailer frame is made from strong galvanized steel to handle bumpy roads. It has padded V-shaped kayak holders so your boats stay securely in place during transport. The easy-load design with tie-down points also makes loading a breeze.

While it doesn’t have much space for extra gear, the Malone MicroSport focuses on safely and efficiently moving your kayaks. So if you want a trusted trailer ready for weekend escapes or cross-country journeys, this versatile pick has you covered. Its quality construction means you can count on it to carry your boats for miles to come.


  • DOT-approved LED lighting, pre-fitted wiring
  • 800 lbs capacity, fits kayaks up to 20ft
  • Includes full-size spare wheel


  • Pricey for a 2-boat trailer
  • Limited storage for extra gear

Best Trailer for 4 Kayaks: Malone MicroSport 4-Boat J-Pro2 Kayak Trailer Package

DimensionsWeightLoad Capacity
159 x 78 x 30 in263 lbs800 lbs

Malone MicroSport 4-Boat J-Pro2

The Malone MicroSport 4-Boat J-Pro2 is a great trailer option if you need to haul multiple kayaks. It can carry 4 kayaks up to 20 feet long with an 800-pound capacity. This trailer has a sturdy galvanized steel frame and leaf spring suspension for durability on the road. The steel cross rails and galvanized wheels provide stability at higher speeds.

A handy feature is the extra-long tongue that gives you more room for longer kayaks without sacrificing maneuverability. The trailer comes wired with LED lights to meet DOT standards. The benefits are easy loading with the low J-shaped carriers. The downsides are somewhat reduced gas mileage and tricky initial assembly.

Overall, if you need an efficient way to transport a fleet of kayaks, the Malone 4-boat trailer is a solid bet. The durable build and multiple kayak capacity make it ideal for paddlers with several boats to haul.


  • Fits 4 kayaks with J-shaped carriers
  • Durable galvanized steel construction


  • Challenging assembly
  • Not fuel-efficient

Best Fishing Kayak Trailer: Malone MegaSport 2-Boat MegaWing Ultimate Angler Trailer Package

DimensionsWeightLoad Capacity
174 x 68 x 58 in325 lbs1,000 lbs

Malone MegaSport 2-Boat

This kayak trailer from Malone has everything anglers need to transport fishing kayaks. It is built sturdy to hold up to 1,000 pounds.

The trailer can carry two fishing kayaks up to 21 feet long. It has extra strong kayak carriers designed for stability. The reinforced tongue and DOT-approved wheels provide good handling on roads.

There is plenty of storage for fishing gear. It comes with a cage for milk crates, rod holders, a waterproof drawer, and a basket for life jackets and paddles.

While well-equipped, this trailer is expensive and challenging to assemble. It is also heavy and needs a larger vehicle for towing when fully loaded. But for serious kayak anglers, it is a top choice to transport all your fishing gear and boats.


  • Fishing rod storage tubes included
  • Multiple gear storage baskets
  • Durable steel frame and construction


  • Very expensive
  • Too heavy for smaller vehicles to tow
  • Tricky assembly

Best Kayak Trailer with Storage: SylvanSport Go Easy Ultimate Kayak Trailer Package

DimensionsWeightLoad Capacity
150 x 62 x 35 in305 lbs495 lbs

SylvanSport Go Easy Ultimate Kayak

The SylvanSport Go Easy kayak trailer is great for carrying both kayaks and gear. It has a steel frame with fenders to protect your kayaks during transport. The low profile gives a smooth ride.

This trailer can carry up to 2 kayaks weighing 110 lbs total. It has crossbars for mounting kayak carriers. There is also space on the deck bags for extra gear. Plus, a watertight front box keeps equipment dry.

The trailer can only hold 495 lbs max. And it’s one of the more expensive options. But for paddlers who need to haul kayaks and lots of gear, the Go Easy does both jobs well. Its smart design makes transporting your boats and equipment easy.


  • A dedicated gear storage system included
  • Upright storage to save space
  • Low-profile design for better gas efficiency
  • Designed for transporting 2 kayaks


  • Limited overall weight capacity
  • One of the pricier 2-boat trailer options

Best Folding Kayak Trailer: Ironton Steel Folding Utility Trailer Kit

DimensionsWeightLoad Capacity
135 x 62 x 19 in253 lbs1,170 lbs

Ironton Steel Folding Utility Trailer Kit

The Ironton Folding Trailer is a good option for people with limited storage space. When not in use, it stands upright on caster wheels and takes up little room. When unfolded, the steel frame can carry 1 or 2 kayaks, holding up to 1,170 lbs max. You can also use it to haul other gear if you add a storage box.

The trailer has the needed features like suspension, safety chains, and lights. It can go up to 45 mph so works for short, local trips but not highways.The tongue is on the shorter side making it a bit tricky to drive. But if easy storage is your main concern, the folding design of the Ironton trailer lets you quickly tuck it out of the way when you get home.


  • Compact folding design
  • Caster wheels for easy storage movement


  • Not rated for highway use
  • Short tongue length for challenging driving

Best Lightweight Kayak Trailer: Malone EcoLight 2-Boat V-Rack Kayak Trailer Package

DimensionsWeightLoad Capacity
126 x 58 x 24 in145 lbs400 lbs

Malone EcoLight 2-Boat V-Rack Kayak

Hauling kayaks doesn’t have to be a heavy lift with the featherlight Malone EcoLight trailer. Weighing in at just 145 lbs, this ultra-portable trailer makes transporting your boats easy and breezy.

Though light on weight, the EcoLight trailer doesn’t skimp on quality. Its galvanized steel frame and leaf spring suspension smooth out bumps in the road. Molded fenders add protection for your prized kayaks.

While compact, this trailer can carry two 14-foot kayaks up to 400 lbs total. So weekend warriors can pack it full of boats for the long haul. No need to stress about storage either – the minimalist design leaves room for a cooler, paddles, and good company.

For paddlers seeking fuss-free transport without the backstrain, the Malone EcoLight keeps kayaking light and fun from driveway to lake and back again. Its slimmed-down yet sturdy build is ready to tag along on all your water-bound adventures.


  • Lightweight
  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Complete with wiring and lighting


  • No extra gear storage
  • Limited weight capacity and kayak length

Best Kayak Trailer for Bicycles: Rambo Bikes Canoe Trailer and Kayak Trailer

DimensionsWeightLoad Capacity
120 x 96 x 36 in28 lbs70 lbs

Rambo Bikes Canoe Trailer and Kayak Trailer

The Rambo Bikes trailer is a Best Kayak Trailers unique option made for biking your kayak to the water. This lightweight steel trailer weighs just 28 lbs empty. That makes it easy to move by hand or tow behind a bike.

The trailer comes with a kayak carrier and straps to secure one kayak during transport. You can also fit paddling gear, with a 70 lb load capacity.If using a Rambo e-bike, you need to buy a separate rack attachment. The single-axle design also means the trailer doesn’t stand on its own for loading unless attached to the bike first.

This trailer isn’t good for highway driving. But if you can bike to your local paddling spot, it provides an easy way to bring your kayak and gear without using a car. The Rambo trailer is a handy accessory for paddlers with close-by water access.


  • Facilitates easy kayak transport with a bike
  • Padded carriers protect the kayak
  • Includes necessary ratchet straps


  • Tricky loading with single-axle construction
  • Limited suitability for longer commutes to the put-in

Kayak Trailer Comparison Table

Kayak TrailerDimensionsWeightLoad CapacityDeck/Crossbar SizeWheel SizeMaterial
Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer Kit127 x 53 x 16 in216 lbs610 lbs77 x 40″12″Steel
Malone MicroSport 2-Boat MegaWing Kayak Trailer Package159 x 78 x 30 in197 lbs800 lbs78 x 63″12″Pre-galvanized steel
Malone MicroSport 4-Boat J-Pro2 Kayak Trailer Package159 x 78 x 30 in263 lbs800 lbs78 x 63″12″Pre-galvanized steel
Malone MegaSport 2-Boat MegaWing Ultimate Angler Trailer Package174 x 68 x 58 in325 lbs1,000 lbs86 x 72″10″Pre-galvanized steel
SylvanSport Go Easy Ultimate Kayak Trailer Package150 x 62 x 35 in305 lbs495 lbs79 x 44″12″Powder-coated steel
Ironton Steel Folding Utility Trailer Kit135 x 62 x 19 in253 lbs1,170 lbs96 x 48″12″Steel
Malone EcoLight 2-Boat V-Rack Kayak Trailer Package126 x 58 x 24 in145 lbs400 lbs58 x 38.5″8″Pre-galvanized steel
Rambo Bikes Canoe Trailer and Kayak Trailer120 x 96 x 36 in28 lbs70 lbsSteel

Best Kayak Trailers Buying Advice

Choosing the right kayak trailer is crucial, considering their often high prices. Here’s what to remember while shopping:

  • Types of Best Kayak Trailers
  • Vehicle Towing Capacity & Compatibility
  • Total Kayak Storage Capacity
  • Extra Gear Storage
  • Materials & Durability
  • Ease of Loading & Unloading Kayaks
  • Ease of Driving

Explore different styles of Best Kayak Trailers available in the market. Each type has its benefits and considerations.

Vehicle Towing Capacity & Compatibility:

Check your vehicle’s towing capacity and make sure the chosen Best Kayak Trailers is compatible. This ensures a safe and efficient towing experience.

 Storage Capacity:

Evaluate how many Best Kayak Trailers can carry. Ensure it meets your needs, accounting for the number of kayaks you own or plan to transport.

Extra Gear Storage:

Consider Best Kayak Trailers that offer additional space for storing gear. This can be convenient for carrying paddles, life jackets, and other accessories.

Materials & Durability:

Prioritize Best Kayak Trailers made from durable materials. Look for features like powder-coated steel or galvanized construction for longevity.

Ease of Loading & Unloading Kayaks:

Look for Best Kayak Trailers designed for easy loading and unloading of kayaks. This feature can save time and effort, especially during your paddling adventures.

Ease of Driving:

Consider factors that contribute to driving convenience, such as the trailer’s aerodynamics and suspension system. A well-designed trailer can enhance your overall towing experience.

Ease of Storage:

Evaluate how easily the trailer can be stored when not in use. Some Best Kayak Trailers offer features like foldable frames or compact designs, making storage more manageable.


Put the boat behind your car and lift the front onto the roller. Then, lift the back and slide the kayak onto the racks. Use straps to secure it – tie-down straps with cam buckles work great and make it very easy.

Using a trailer makes taking your boat to and from the water much easier. With a trailer, you can keep all your paddling gear ready for the next time. Just remember to loosen the straps when leaving it for a while, as the kayak may “flex” and make the straps too tight.

If you paddle alone, a single-kayak trailer is enough. But if you like company or own many kayaks, you’ll need a trailer for multiple boats. The SylvanSport GO EASY is great – it can carry up to four kayaks at once.

Canoe and kayak trailers are tiny trailers designed to carry personal watercraft like canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards. Usually, they weigh from 100 to 400 pounds without any load. On average, these trailers weigh around 200 pounds.

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