How to paddle Esquif Scout Tandem Canoe

Esquif Scout Tandem Canoe makes good canoes for rivers and lakes. They wanted to make a canoe that was light, easy to move, and easy to carry. They also wanted to make a canoe that two people or a family could use. They made a new canoe called Scout Tandem Canoe and showed it at Canoecopia 2024. David Hadden works at Esquif Canoes. He says, “Our Adirondack canoe is very popular. Many people asked us, ‘Can you make a canoe like that for two people?’ They like the canoe because it does what they want and it is not hard to paddle.”

Introducing The Esquif Scout Tandem Canoe

Scout Tandem Canoe

Esquif makes a good canoe for one person. It is called the Adirondack. It is light and can do many things. It sold very well and won a prize in 2022. Esquif wanted to make another good canoe.

Esquif made a new canoe for two people. It is called the Scout. It is made of a strong plastic. It is not very long or heavy, but it is wide and deep. The Scout is easy to use and carry. It can fit many things inside, like fishing stuff or a pet. The Scout Tandem Canoe is good for people who like to have fun on the water.

Transportability Meets Design

The Esquif Scout is designed to be easy to carry and paddle, without sacrificing performance. The hull is narrower than most canoes, making it lighter and easier to paddle. But the ends are still pointed to help it track straight.

The Scout has some rocker (curvature) to make it maneuverable on rivers. But it also has a small keel to keep it tracking straight on flatwater. This blend gives it versatility as an all-around canoe in a compact size. The Scout is easy to transport and paddle, yet still performs well. Its blend of rocker and keel allows excellent tracking and maneuverability. This makes it a versatile all-around canoe in a portable size.

Family-Friendly And Built Tough

Scout Tandem Canoe

Esquif makes canoes that last long and are not too heavy. The Scout is one of them. It is made of a special plastic that Esquif calls T-Formex. It is very strong and does not break easily.

Esquif worked hard for seven years to make T-Formex. They had to find a new plastic because the old one they used was not made anymore. The old one was called Royalex and it was very good for canoes. Many people liked it.

Esquif started to use T-Formex in 2015 and they still use it today. They make the Scout with less T-Formex so it is lighter. But it is still strong and keeps its shape.

The Scout has seats that are comfortable and easy to carry. The sides are made of vinyl but you can choose wood if you want. The Scout is a great canoe for two people or a family. You can order it now and get it in April 2023.

Esquif Scout Specifications

Length14’6″ / 442 cm
Width39″ / 99 cm
Depth13″ / 33 cm
Weight59 lbs / 26.76 kg
Capacity850 lbs / 385.55 kg

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