2 Top Whitewater Paddles Go Head-To-Head

Whitewater paddles kayakers love their kayaks, but they also care a lot about their paddles. The paddle is what makes them move and control their kayak. They want the best paddle they can get.

Two big brands make good paddles: Galasport and Werner. Galasport is famous for racing and many champions use their paddles. Werner is known for Whitewater Paddles and has been making paddles for a long time. Simon Coward owns a shop and a school for paddling. He knows a lot about paddles. He will tell us what he thinks about the Galasport and Werner paddles. Here is what he said in his video.

Top whitewater paddles go head-to-head

Hi, I am Simon from AQ Outdoors. I want to tell you about two Whitewater Paddles: the Werner Sho-gun and the Galasport Manic. They are both curved paddles. I just got the Galasport. I have not used it much. But the Werner is old and I use it a lot. It is a great paddle.

Galasport Manic vs Werner Sho-gun

Galasport Manic

The main difference between these two Whitewater Paddles is that the Galasport paddle has an offset blade. The blade on the Galasport is angled 10-15 degrees forward. This offset helps you get a better “catch” when starting your paddle stroke. It gives you more reach and power on each stroke.

So the offset blade on the Galasport gives you a bit more forward reach and power on every paddle stroke. This can help you paddle more efficiently. The Bending Branches Angler Ace paddle is more similar to the Werner Odachi than the Sho-gun. In terms of performance, the Angler Ace and Odachi are very similar. Both provide smooth forward, reverse, and sweep strokes. The large blades give powerful strokes without much flutter.

These Whitewater Paddles are best for strong paddlers who are conditioned for using a big blade. The large surface area provides plenty of power with each stroke. But the smooth designs prevent too much vibration or flutter. Overall, the Angler Ace gives a powerful, smooth stroke much like the Odachi. Both work best for fit paddlers who can control the larger blades.

The cost difference between the Galasport Manic and Werner Sho-gun

Werner Sho-gun

The biggest difference between these paddles is the price – the Galasport runs $800-$900, while the Werner is under $700. So the Sho-gun gives better value.

But the Galasport is a two-piece adjustable paddle, making it much easier to travel with and adjust to different boats. I prefer the feel of the Galasport’s bent shaft over the Werner. But that’s just my personal preference.

I like the Galasport’s offset blade, which gives me more power and reach per stroke. For a Werner paddle with a similar offset, you’d need to look at the Odachi. In summary, while the Sho-gun is less expensive, the Galasport gives you an adjustable two-piece design and offset blade for more power. I prefer the Galasport’s bent shaft feel too. But the Werner is great value if you want a fixed one-piece paddle.

Manic Mono Ergo Elite Adjustable Bent Shaft paddle

The Galasport Manic paddle has a unique design that makes it stand out. It combines a seamless one-piece blade and shaft with MCQ technology. This monocoque construction gives extra strength and stiffness. The offset USA Connector allows the paddle to be infinitely adjustable in both length (195-205cm) and offset angle.

So the Manic brings high-performance slalom paddle features to recreational paddlers. The seamless one-piece design provides power and durability. And the adjustability lets you customize the paddle to your needs. This innovative blend of technologies makes the Manic a uniquely versatile and adjustable high-performance paddle.

Its price is $829.95.


The Sho-Gun is our most innovative paddle for river running. It has the power and the edge to conquer any rapids. This paddle is the result of years of expertise and the preferred choice of many elite paddlers.

  • Full-sized Performance Core blades, foam core, Kevlar reinforcement, carbon outer
  • River running/creaking design, Double Dynel edging, 48 x 20 cm, 728 sq cm
  • Performance Core, Continuous weave 1-piece carbon shaft
  • Handcrafted in Sultan, WA, 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Average weight: 1077g (38 oz)

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