January 2024 has arrived in KAYAK FISHING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, and it’s showtime! I’m all set to journey to Tennessee, where I’ll proudly wave the Canadian flag at the Fishing National Championship. It’s more than a contest; it’s realizing my lifelong dream. My last trip here was in October 2023, and it was memorable, especially meeting the amazing folks from FeelFree Kayaks.

But this trip is about making waves and showing Canada’s prowess in fishing. With 12 nations in the fray for gold and a fierce individual battle for the top three spots, it’s not just about the catch, but catching the spotlight.


After a hefty 1900-kilometer road trip, my Dorado V2 and I roll into Cookeville, Tennessee. It’s here I join the rest of Team Canada. We click instantly, bonding like a school of fish. We’re given two days to practice at the stunning Center Hill Lake. It’s a slice of paradise, but the fish are playing hard to get. Despite our best efforts, finding a winning strategy is like searching for a needle in a haystack. But spirits are high; we’re having a blast mingling with anglers from around the globe. The organizers have outdone themselves, even arranging a parade downtown, which is an absolute treat.


Day 1, June 9th, the Championship kicks off. It’s a three-day showdown under the blazing sun. I’m not brimming with confidence, aiming for just five fish, even tiny ones at the minimum 8-inch size. if you want to know what kayak size and weight you need for kayak height & weight. As we all set off to the tune of the USA National Anthem, my heart was pounding. I chose to fish right by the launch site, a spot everyone else seemed to miss. And what do you know?

It pays off! I snag a keeper spotted bass and a hefty Smallmouth within the first couple of hours. The fishing’s tough, but I manage four keepers by day’s end, landing me in 2nd place out of 44 anglers! Team Canada’s doing great too, holding the silver spot just behind Team USA. Back at our Airbnb, it’s all about strategizing for Day 2. 


Day 2 dawns bright and sunny, perfect for fishing. The boat ramp’s a real beast, super steep, but my Dorado’s wheel makes it a breeze. Despite a slow start, I pedal hard across Center Hill Lake, no motors allowed. Then, jackpot! I hit a sandy spot and reel in some prize Smallmouths, including a whopper at 50 centimeters! That catch puts me at the top for the biggest fish. By day’s end, I’m in 3rd place individually, and Team Canada holds strong at 2nd. What a day!

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Day 3 was a rollercoaster! I was on edge but pumped, aiming for a personal and team top 3. The weather turned windy and cloudy, adding a challenge to stay on course. Pushing hard against the world’s elite kayak anglers, I gave it my all. By 1 pm, with only two fish caught, my dream of medals seemed to fade. Team USA’s top anglers were overtaking me, and my spot was slipping. But I didn’t give up.

With half an hour to go and the wind as my ally, I decided on one final drift. It was now or never to score a win for my country. As time ticked down, I fought exhaustion and kept fishing. Then, in the championship’s last breath, I caught two crucial fish, securing our Team Silver! I finished fourth individually, just shy of the top three. And my hefty Smallmouth from day 2? Missed the Big Fish prize by a mere centimeter to an English angler.

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This adventure was unforgettable, and I’m proud of our team’s achievements. Team USA was the favorite, but the lake’s conditions leveled the playing field, giving every nation a shot at the podium. Our team was exceptional, a band of brothers. Our daily strategy and solid communication were the secret sauce to our success. Representing Quebec as the sole competitor, I felt I did my home proud. Competing in this KAYAK FISHING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP took immense patience, grit, and relentless effort. And let’s not forget the trusty Dorado V2 kayak – without a motor, it held its own against the best in the market, proving its worth. 


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