Imagine starting with a simple FEEL FREE LURE KAYAK SERIES you sit inside, perfect for leisurely paddling. Now, we have fancy kayaks where you sit on top, designed for serious anglers. These changes happened because people’s needs kept evolving. One standout in this kayak evolution is the Feelfree Lure series. It’s like a masterpiece of fishing kayaks, showing off smart design and craftsmanship. People love it!

Back in 2010, Feelfree was making waves in the US kayak market. They had cool kayaks like the Moken 10 and 12.5, and later the Moken 14. These were great for fun and fishing. But guess what? Anglers wanted more. They wanted to stay out longer, carry extra gear, stand up while fishing, and take their sweet time. The Moken was fast, but it lacked a little something.

Other kayaks were out there too, like the Ocean Kayak Big Game, Wilderness Systems Ride, and Malibu X-Factor. These were big and stable, but they still needed to include some features. Then, in 2009, Hobie shook things up with the Pro Angler 14. It was super comfy and stable. But get this—it had foot pedals to move the kayak! Back then, that was a bit weird for most folks, but it turned out to be a game-changer.

Revolutionizing Angling: The Birth of the FEEL FREE LURE KAYAK SERIES


Anglers (people who fish) needed an affordable kayak that didn’t compromise on features but was still easy to handle. This need led to a group effort to create a new type of watercraft to meet this demand. The team included Jim Hager (Head of Feelfree US), Sakun Khieowan (CEO of Feelfree Thailand), Paul Lepper and Peter Murphy (designers from New Zealand), and Denver McClure (Feelfree paddling expert). Together, they developed what is now known as the Lure Fishing Kayak.

The goal was simple: comfortable, stable, and capable. Easy to say, but difficult to achieve, especially at that time. It needed to be stable enough for standing and to accommodate one of the most important features that would make the Lure one of the most popular kayaks of the decade – an exceptional seat design unlike any other.


Once upon a time, there was a kayak called the Feelfree Moken. It had cool features like handles, rails for accessories, and a special wheel. But the designers wanted to make it even better. So, they flattened the top and bottom of the kayak and made it super wide—36 inches wide, to be exact. This change gave the kayak more stability, especially when just starting or standing up to fish. Imagine it like having a solid base to stand on while you reel in that big catch! But wait, there was still something missing. You see, anglers (that’s what we call people who fish) love spending hours on the water. But sitting in a kayak for a long time can get uncomfortable. So, they called in a genius named Peter Murphy. His mission? Create the comfiest, most customizable seat ever—the Gravity Seat.

And guess what? The Gravity Seat wasn’t just the cherry on top; it was like strapping a rocket to the kayak! Suddenly, the FEEL FREE LURE KAYAK SERIES became the superstar of the fishing world. Anglers everywhere were hooked (pun intended) on its comfort and cool features. 

Lure Kayak Series: Setting Sales Records

Lure Kayak Series

Back in 2014, something big hit the water—the Lure 10 and 11.5 kayaks. People went bananas for them! They were like the hottest tickets in town. Imagine a kayak that was so popular, it practically flew off the shelves! And guess what? The Lure series became the ultimate superstar at one of the world’s biggest kayak stores. We’re talking about a place where even the fish were lining up to buy one! 

But wait, there’s more! The team behind the FEEL FREE LURE KAYAK SERIES wasn’t satisfied. They said, “Let’s make it even cooler!” 🤔 So, they cooked up the Lure 13.5—a longer, sleeker version for the serious anglers out there. It came with all the bells and whistles: an integrated cooler, a cutting board, and a jaw-dropping 1500 pound,. Yep, you could practically fit a small whale in there!

Expanding the Lure Series: Introducing the Lure

Just a few years later, the idea of sharing the fun with friends and family was born – the Lure II Tandem! This two-person kayak offered the same awesome features and capabilities as the original Lure, but now you could double the excitement.

During this time, the Lure series kept getting better with several smart upgrades, including the game-changing removable sonar pod. Whether flying solo or buddying up, the Lure family covered you for unforgettable days on the water.

Evolution of Pedal Kayaks

Pedal Kayaks

Once upon a time, people thought pedal kayaks were a bit weird. Some even said they were cheating or just a gimmick. But guess what? Fast-forward to recent years, and pedal kayaks have become the coolest trend.

Now, our heroes—the Feelfree team and designer Peter Murphy—were on a mission. They didn’t want to create just another pedal system. Nope! They aimed higher. 🌟 Peter challenged himself to design something special: a drive that could fit on older FEEL FREE LURE KAYAK SERIES and do it all—pedal and power combined!

And voilà! In 2018, they unveiled the Overdrive. 🎉 It’s like magic! With a simple snap, you can turn your pedal kayak into a power kayak using the Motordrive. Imagine cruising along, powered by technology, without removing any kayak parts. It’s the ultimate Paddle > Pedal > Power system! 

Celebrating its 10th birthday, the FEEL FREE LURE KAYAK SERIES is still a top seller, constantly getting better with upgrades like the high back seat and new storage console. And guess what? It’s not stopping there! Our PRO team is already cooking up the next big thing. Stay tuned for updates!

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