Kayak Fishing Hacks with Chris Funk

Meet Chris Funk, a key player on our kayak fishing hacks team. He’s known for sharing practical fishing tips with the angler community via social media. We’ve selected some of his best videos to showcase his clever kayak fishing hacks techniques, making it easier for you to learn and improve. These tips will enhance your kayak fishing hacks experience, making it both more effective and safer.

Stand Up in Your Kayak Fishing Hacks 

Many people who fish from kayaks like to be able to both sit and stand. Standing helps avoid getting stiff, especially on long fishing trips. Some fishing moves are easier to do when standing instead of sitting. However, if you have never stood up in a kayak before, it can be hard to keep your balance while fishing. 

In this 5-minute video, Chris explains why he prefers to stand when fishing from a kayak. He also shares how he practiced to get his body used to balancing on the unsteady surface of a fishing kayak.

Chris got some special tools to practice at home. These helped him get better at balancing like on a kayak fishing tips for beginners:

– A wobbly board – It’s a flat round board balanced on a small piece in the middle. Using this made his overall balance and core muscles stronger.

– A fancy balance board called an Indo Board – It’s made to move exactly like a kayak fishing tip for beginners does when you stand on it. More expensive than a basic wobbly board, but could be worth it for serious anglers.

At first, Chris was stiff and shaky when using these boards. But over time, he could stand steady enough to cast his fishing line and do other motions from a standing position. Practicing his balance completely changed how he could fish.

Fighting the Wind While You Fish

Chris made this 7-minute video after experiencing strong winds for several days during a fishing trip on the Okeefenokee. In the video, he shares some helpful tips for dealing with windy conditions so the wind doesn’t ruin your kayak fishing tips and tricks excursion.

His tips include:

  • Ways to secure your kayak and gear so they don’t blow away
  • How to position yourself and paddle to counteract the wind
  • Techniques for casting your line in a way that overcomes the wind
  • The best types of lures and rigs to use when it’s very windy
  • Spots to try kayak fishing tips and tricks that may provide some wind protection
  • Adjusting your expectations for what’s realistic to catch on extremely windy days

Chris explains these wind hacks in a straightforward, easy-to-follow way based on his recent hands-on experience. His guidance can help any angler make the most of their kayak fishing hacks trip, even when it’s extremely windy.

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Know Your Limits

If possible, paddle into the wind on your way out so the wind is at your back for the return trip. If not, make sure to save enough energy to battle the high winds when heading back to your launch spot.

Use Wind-Sheltered Zones 

Scout the lake or river beforehand to find areas blocked off from the wind by high banks or tucked-away coves. Fish those calmer zones when winds are whipping.

Kayak Fishing Hacks

Feather Your Paddle

“Feathering” means angling your paddle blades at an offset so that when one blade slices the water, the other cuts into the wind rather than acting as a sail. This paddle tweak makes paddling easier in high winds. Chris covers plenty more wind-taming tricks in his full video above. His first-hand advice can help any kayak angler keep kayak fishing tips and have fun despite howling winds!

Sun Safety and Diligence

Staying safe while kayak fishing tips means taking care of your skin from the sun’s rays. Chris shares that he used to fish under the sun without protection, which is common for many. But now, he wears special outdoor clothing that shields his skin and keeps him cool, even during hot summers in Alabama. This change has made a big difference for him.

Chris also suggests that anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors should get their skin checked by a dermatologist once or twice a year. Since skin cancer is quite common but often treatable if found early, regular check-ups are important.

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Easy Cam Strap Kayak Assisted Rescue Tip

Even experienced kayak fishing hacks anglers can sometimes take an unexpected swim! While no one plans to capsize, it can happen – especially if you’re standing up to fish. That’s why you should always wear your life jacket, not just stash it on board.

Chris has a slick trick for getting back into your yak after a spill using a simple cam strap that you likely already have for tying down your kayak. Just stow one of those straps in your kayak fishing hacks anytime you head out.

If you or a buddy ends up in the drink, you can use the cam strap for an assisted rescue. Chris demonstrates the quick, easy technique for looping the strap under the kayak fishing hacks to give the swimmer a sturdy handle to regain their seat.

Check out his short video to see this cam strap re-entry hack in action. It’s a good one to know for kayak fishing hacks anglers since an unexpected swim is always a possibility when you’re standing up to cast!

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