Best GoPro Camera Mounts for Kayaks

The best GoPro cameras are awesome for filming kayak trips. They’re tough, waterproof little cameras that can capture all your adventures. But you gotta mount your GoPro properly or you might lose it or miss good footage. With the help of this camera, you also take pictures in the Kayak Roof Rack of the car without rails

Best GoPro Camera Mounts for Kayaks

We checked out the best mounts to strap your GoPro onto your kayak. With the right mount, your camera will stay put no matter how wild the rapids get. Then you can relax and paddle, knowing your GoPro will catch all the action.

Later we’ll share our top picks for kayak GoPro  Camera mounts and some tips for choosing the right one. For now, just know securing your GoPro is a clutch for epic kayaking videos. People also take their pick in Kayak roof racks for cars without rails.

6 Best Go pro Camera For Kayaks

  • YakAttack PanFish Pro – Best Track Mount
  • YakAttack Panfish Mini – Best Small Track Mount
  • GoPro Flex Clamp – Best Clamp Mount
  • Bodhi Suction Cup – Best Suction Mount
  • GoPro Helmet Strap – Best Helmet Mount
  • GoPro Chest Harness – Best Chest Mount

Best Track Mount: YakAttack PanFish Pro Camera Mount

YakAttack PanFish Pro Camera Mount

The YakAttack PanFish Pro Mount is designed to work with most kayak track systems. So it can attach securely to the tracks on your kayak. This lets you mount your GoPro solidly for great footage out on the water.

The mount fits GoPros and also regular cameras that use a standard mount. A handy feature is that you can change the angle of your camera quickly without removing it. This is great for getting different shots as you paddle.

It’s made from aluminum so it’s durable but still lightweight. The unique design keeps things steady. This reduces shaky videos and makes panning smoother.

There are lots of nice features with the PanFish Pro. And it even has a lifetime guarantee. But it is one of the more expensive mounts out there. Also, its tall shape could catch more wind on choppy days.

Overall, it’s a premium choice that’s best for flatwater paddling. It excels at giving flexibility and great footage. But you pay more for these benefits.


  • Mounts directly onto nearly any kayak track system
  • Compatible with all Best GoPro Camera  models and digital cameras that have a standard 1/4-20 mount
  • Uses YakAttack’s LockNLoad and Camera Ball System for quick and easy adjustments
  • Made of rugged aluminum for durability and lightweight
  • The unique design makes it rigid and easy to rotate with one hand
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Easy to use and adjust
  • Reduces unwanted shaking in videos
  • Very versatile and convenient
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Tall height is not ideal for windy and choppy conditions
  • Expensive

Best Small Track Mount: YakAttack Panfish Portrait Pro Camera Mount

YakAttack Panfish Portrait Pro Camera Mount

The YakAttack PanFish Mini Mount lets you securely attach your GoPro to capture great kayaking footage. It uses a ball joint and smart lock system so you can rotate your camera a full 360 degrees. This makes it easy to get any angle you want. The sturdy aluminum frame stops shakiness for smooth video.

A cool feature is the one-handed adjustment. Just use the buttons to change the position of your Best GoPro Camera with a click. You can also pop the camera out completely if needed.

The Mini Mount works with all GoPro models to film your adventures. And it fits on most kayak track systems out there too.

Overall, the PanFish Mini is a smart, adjustable mount for kayaking footage on the cheap. Just note the lower profile compared to larger mounts. So it’s best for lower shots rather than high overhead angles.


  • Offers full 360º adjustability for your camera.
  • Compatible with all GoPros and most digital cameras.
  • Quick and easy angle adjustments with the LockNLoad system.
  • A sturdy frame reduces shaky footage.
  • Can be mounted onto most kayak track systems for convenience.


  • Relatively short height, limiting versatility for capturing various angles of your adventure.

Best Clamp Mount: GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp Mount 

GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp Mount

The GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp is one of the most popular mounts for kayak paddlers. It uses an adjustable clamp to grip onto parts of your kayak. You can attach the sturdy clamp to the rim of your cockpit or other spots between 0.25″ and 2″ thick. The irregular clamp shape molds to different surfaces. This makes it super easy to snap onto the right spot on your kayak before shoving off.

A flexible gooseneck comes with the mount too. You can bend this to get just about any shooting angle you want. This lets you change up your footage on the fly. Like most GoPro gear, the Jaws Clamp clicks right into other GoPro mounts if needed. But it only fits GoPro cameras – not other camera brands.

While handy for flatwater paddling, the clamp system isn’t as rugged as some mounts. So it could come loose if you take a spill in the rapids. But for hassle-free kayak mounting with flexibility, the GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp is an affordable top choice! Let me know if any part needs clarification or expansion.


  • Grabs onto lots of surfaces and objects easily.
  • Comes with a bendy extension for changing camera angles.
  • Works with every type of GoPro camera.
  • Super simple to adjust to get the perfect shot.


  • The clamp isn’t as secure as some other mounts.
  • Only plays nice with GoPro cameras.

Best Section Mount: Bodhi Floaty Suction Cup Mount 

Bodhi Floaty Suction Cup Mount

The Bodhi Floaty Suction Cup Mount sticks securely to kayaks for shooting video in rough water. It uses three heavy-duty suction cups to grip your kayak tightly. Just press and lock to attach the palm-sized mount before hitting the waves. It even has a loop to tie a safety cord, giving peace of mind if big rapids flip your boat.

The big perk is that the Floaty mount floats! So if you drop your GoPro overboard, it won’t sink even if the camera pops out. This makes it awesome for intense whitewater trips. It works with most GoPro models like HERO, MAX, and Session cameras. But heads up – extra large cameras may be too heavy for the float.

While super grippy and floatable, adjusting angles is tough once mounted. So it’s best for setting up a locked shot rather than tweaking on the fly.

Overall though, the tough Bodhi Floaty mount takes kayaking footage to the extreme! Let me know if any part needs more clarification.


  • Attaches easily to any hard-sided kayak.
  • Designed to float if it accidentally goes overboard.
  • Equipped with three super-strong suction cups for a secure grip.
  • Comes with a tether loop for added peace of mind.


  • Adjusting the camera angle isn’t a breeze.
  • Doesn’t float when used with larger, older GoPro models.

Mounts for GoPro Helmets- Front and side

 GoPro Helmets-

The GoPro Helmet Front and Side Mount strap a GoPro securely to your kayaking helmet. This gives awesome first-person point-of-view shots as you paddle.

The mount is easy to stick on the front or side of most helmets with the included adhesive pads.  And it works with any GoPro model, from little HERO cameras to the 360 MAX. But bigger cameras can make your helmet feel unbalanced.

A handy swivel accessory comes included too. This makes small angle tweaks a breeze when the camera is mounted. So getting close-up shots is simple while kayaking.

Do keep in mind the adhesive makes the mount semi-permanent. And it may not stick well to helmets with lots of vents or irregular shapes. But for killer POV footage without breaking the bank, the GoPro Helmet Mount gets the job done! Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional suggestions.


  • Cheap
  • Two sticky mounts included
  • Swivel mount for adjusting the angle
  • great for POV shots
  • Easy to set up


  • Hard to mount on some helmets
  • Sticks to your helmet forever

Best Chest Mount: GoPro Performance Chest Mount

Best Chest Mount

Take your kayaking footage to the next level with the GoPro Performance Chest Mount. Slip into this wearable harness and capture the views with your own two eyes. The comfy padded straps stretch to fit all shapes and sizes – slip it right over your life jacket. Get set up in seconds with the quick-release clip.

Mount any GoPro model firmly to your chest and score stable first-person shots as you paddle. It’s like your own onboard camera crew capturing the action!

Just take care on all-day trips – extended wear may cause some skin irritation. And be sure to cinch the straps tight on waves to prevent bounce and blur. But for a hands-free hyped-up POV on flat water, the GoPro Chest Mount lets YOU star in the kayaking action! Time to grab the views, drop into the driver’s seat, and take fans along for the wet and wild ride.


  • Comfortable fit with stretchy straps and good padding.
  • Easy to use with a quick-release buckle.
  • Adjustable straps that can fit over most PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices).
  • Offers a unique point of view for capturing water activities.


  • May cause some chafing.
  • The camera can shake in rough or choppy water.

Best GoPro Camera Kayak Mount Buying Advice

Types of Best GoPro Camera Mounts

There are several options in the Best GoPro Camera like clamps, suction cups, tracks, and more. Think about what will work best on your kayak.

GoPro Compatibility: Make sure the mount works with your GoPro model. Some only fit certain cameras.

Kayak Compatibility: Consider your kayak’s size and shape. Also, where do you want to mount it?

Adjustability: Look for mounts that allow you to tweak the shooting angle. This gives more flexibility.

Temporary vs Permanent: Decide if you want a permanent stuck-on mount or one you can remove after paddling.

Durability & Warranty: Check how sturdy it is if you’ll kayak in rough water. And see if any warranty is included.

Types of Best GoPro Camera Mounts

There are many different types of Best GoPro Camera mounts available, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Here are a few of the most common types of mounts and how they work on kayaks:

Track Mounts

These specially-made mounts hook right into the track system on certain Best GoPro Cameras. This lets you lock in your GoPro solidly. A big plus is track mounts make it easy to tweak the shooting angle on the fly. So you can pivot the camera around to follow the action.

But there are some drawbacks. Track mounts tend to be pricey compared to other types. And of course, they only work if your kayak has built-in tracks.

So while handy for adjustable footage, track mounts are a splurge. First, check if your boat is compatible. Prepare to shell out some extra bucks for the mounting convenience!

Clamp mounts

These mounts have a sturdy spring-loaded clamp to grip onto things. The handy part for kayakers is that the clamp fits perfectly onto the rim of your cockpit. Just snap the mount onto the edge before shoving it off. It holds your GoPro securely without taking up deck space.

Clamp mounts

Clamp mounts tend to be cheaper than other options out there too. But heads up – the grip isn’t quite as rugged as a screw-down or track mount.

So while convenient and affordable, keep in mind a clamp mount could bounce off in big rapids. Depends if you paddle mild or wild!

Suction mounts

As the name says, these use tough suction cups to stick onto your kayak. Usually, 3 or 4 cups grip your boat tightly. Just press them onto any flat surface – the deck, rear, sides…wherever. The industrial-grade suction keeps your Best GoPro Camera locked even in rapids.

Suction mounts are popular since you can remove and reposition them easily between paddles. And stick them wherever you want footage. One catch though – they often don’t seal well on inflatable kayaks. The soft surfaces prevent a tight suction seal.

But for hardshell kayaks, suction mounts are a flexible way to mount up for versatile shooting angles at an affordable price!

Drill-down mounts

Drill mounts screw directly into your kayak deck permanently. This keeps your GoPro completely secure and unable to shake loose. So they’re great if you never want to risk losing your camera overboard. However, it means less flexibility since the mount stays in one place.

Helmet Mounts

These attach the Best GoPro Camera to your kayaking helmet for awesome point-of-view shots. The footage looks super immersive from a helmet view. 

But it can feel awkward strapping a camera to your melon at first. And many helmet mounts use sticky pads that alter your helmet permanently.

So while great for paddle point-of-view, helmet mounts commit you to one spot and one helmet for your GoPro!

Chest mounts

Forget messing with a helmet -in Best GoPro Camera strap that action cam right to your chest! Get radical paddle views without craning your neck. Chafes over time though. Maybe slap it over your PFD?

Wrist Mounts

Wrist Mounts

We’ll be real – wrist mounts can look straight goofy on a Best GoPro Camera kayak. And expect tons of shaky cam with those paddlin’ arm moves.

But hey – if easy selfies and wearable footage are your thing, wrist mounts deliver! Just prepare for some seasick viewers when the rapids get gnarly.

Let me know if this catchy rewrite captures the core pros and cons in a fun voice

GoPro Compatibility

When choosing a GoPro kayak mount, double-check check it works with your camera model. Most mounts fit most GoPros thanks to a standard mount shape.

But watch out for extra large GoPros like the MAX 360 or older Fusion. Their bigger size can cause issues.

For example, huge cameras might throw off weight balance if strapped to your helmet. Or their bulk could limit adjustability on some mount types.

So while nearly any mount fits small/medium GoPro HEROs, do an extra compatibility check for oversized models. Contact the manufacturer if unsure – better know now than find out on the water!

Kayak Compatibility

Picking the right amount means checking if it fits your kayak too. For example, suction cups often don’t stick well to inflatable boats. And track mounts only work if your kayak has built-in tracks.

So consider your boat’s size, shape, and features before buying. The mount needs to physically work with your setup.


Some mounts let you pan and tilt your camera to capture different angles. This flexibility is great for highlight clips.

But adjustable mounts cost more. If you just want to set and forget your Best GoPro Camera in one spot, those features aren’t necessary.

So think about the types of shots you want before choosing adjustability. Will you be moving your camera around to edit together exciting footage from all angles? Or are you happy with a locked static view?

Getting this clear first allows you to choose a mount that has just what you need – no more, no less. Matching features to your goals saves money and prevents future frustrations!

Permanent vs. Temporary Mounts

Some GoPro mounts are designed to be permanently attached to your Best GoPro Camera kayak or helmet, while others are temporary. Permanent mounts offer more security for your camera, but they also alter your gear and can’t be easily moved to a different location. Temporary mounts are more versatile, but they may not be as secure.

Permanently installing these mounts means changing your gear permanently. Plus, you can’t easily move them to a different part of your kayak or helmet for a new angle. This is where temporary options like suction cup mounts become more favorable.

Durability & Warranty

Sure, here is a rewrite of the text is easy, simple, and human-friendly wording:

Before buying a GoPro mount, you should consider its durability. Since kayaking in rough waters and bad weather can damage your gear, you need a mount that can withstand the elements. Look for mounts made from durable materials like aluminum and ABS plastic.

You should also consider the warranty policy for the mount. Most quality manufacturers offer a warranty, which can provide peace of mind when buying an expensive piece of gear. 

However, most mount companies will not cover the costs of replacing your Best GoPro Camera if it falls off due to improper use. So, always take the time to ensure that your mount is appropriate for your camera and kayak before using it.


The GoPro Jaws flex clamp is a handy tool for quickly and securely attaching your GoPro camera to various surfaces. With its adjustable tension clamp and flexible tips, it can securely grip objects of various shapes and sizes, making it ideal for mounting your camera on handlebars, tree branches, or other irregular objects.

  • Suction Cup Mount: The suction cup is a popular GoPro mount, widely chosen for its versatility.
  • Magnetic Mount: A magnetic mount offers a unique way to secure your GoPro for fishing adventures.
  • Gooseneck Mount: This mount provides flexibility, letting you capture shots from various angles.
  • Chest Mount: Attach your GoPro to your chest for a hands-free filming experience while fishing.
  • Shoulder Mount: Opt for a shoulder mount for a different perspective on your fishing escapades.

When kayaking with a camera that isn’t waterproof, you have two main options for protecting it from the water: a dry bag or a dry case. Dry cases offer more protection than dry bags, but they can be more challenging to use and access your camera while you’re on the water.

These extra-strong, waterproof adhesive mounts allow you to attach your GoPro to any curved or flat surface. To remove the mount, simply heat the adhesive bond with a hair dryer and peel it off. This set includes three curved and three flat adhesive mounts.

The Verdict

Using the Best GoPro Camera to capture the excitement of your kayaking trips can be a great way to remember your adventures. However, having a high-quality mount is crucial to ensure that you can take those amazing shots while out on the water.

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