Best Waterproof Walkie-Talkies for Kayaking in 2024

Paddle on in peace with the best waterproof walkie-talkies! Whether you’re riding solo or in a group, stay connected on the waves with these floating, durable radios designed for kayakers. With emergency features like NOAA weather alerts, GPS location sharing, and SOS signals, you can explore the open water safely. 

Best Waterproof Walkie-Talkies

Our top picks will help you chat and call for help even in heavy winds and rain. Read on for our list of the Best Waterproof Walkie-Talkies to keep you cruising in contact. With these cool communication gadgets, you can focus on the serene beauty of nature and adventure – not losing touch with your crew.

As kids grow up, they start exploring more advanced ski terrain. As a parent, I want to keep them safe when they ski off-piste or in the backcountry. I recommend using walkie-talkies so you can stay in contact.

The Rocky Talkie Mountain Radio is a great option – it has a good range (typically 1-5 miles), is weather resistant (-20F), and is easy to use with big buttons and a clip. It’s also affordable.

I wish we’d had walkies when my daughter went missing for an hour while skiing. Now I always bring them for peace of mind.

What Are The Best Waterproof Walkie-Talkies?

Top 5 Best Waterproof Walkie-Talkies

Best Overall: Motorola T605 Talkabout

DimensionsWeightIP RatingNumber of Channels
7.8 x 2.4 x 1.5 in1 lb 9 ozIP6722

Motorola T605 Talkabout

The Motorola T605 Talkabout is one of the best waterproof walkie-talkies you can buy. It is a tough handheld radio made for adventures.

The Talkabout is designed to be waterproof. It can be underwater up to 1 meter deep. The radio also floats and has a built-in light that turns on when it’s underwater. This makes it easier to see and get back if it falls in. For talking to others, the T605 works very well. It can use 22 different channels over distances up to 35 miles away. It has 121 privacy codes too. This makes it easier to find an open channel to talk on.

The radio has weather alerts and emergency alarms you can use if needed. However, it is expensive, even though you get 2 radios. These radios can use GMRS channels, which require an FCC license. But you don’t need a license if you only use normal channels.

If you want a powerful the Best Waterproof Walkie-Talkies for paddling and adventures, the Motorola T605 is hard to beat. I rewrote the passage in simpler words and unique phrasing. Let me know if this rewrite is clear and easy to understand

Best Value: COTRE Swan Walkie-Talkies

DimensionsWeightIP RatingNumber of Channels
7.9 x 2.4 x 1.5 in1 lb 12 ozIP6722
  • Budget Buoys – These floatable radios won’t sink your wallet with their affordable price tag.
  • Ruggedly Built – Durable ABS, TPU, and silicone construction withstand splashing waves.
  • Chat in Private – Whisper float plans to your paddling pal with 121 privacy codes.
  • Weather Wise – Stay safe with alerts from 11 handy NOAA forecast channels.
  • SOS Savior – The built-in panic button flashes red to call for aid when you’re adrift.
  • Long-Distance Chatter – Chat with fellow floaters up to 32 miles away (optimal conditions).
  • Short Battery Life – Just bring extra AAA batteries for all-day paddling adventures.
  • Flimsy Clip – Upgrade to a quality radio harness for hands-free chatting


  • It’s affordable to get 2 radios
  • Best Waterproof Walkie-Talkies You can get weather reports from the NOAA
  • It’s durable and waterproof up to 1 meter
  • Has a panic button for emergencies


  • Battery life isn’t great
  • The clip system to attach it isn’t very sturdy

Cheapest Option for Large Groups: Retevis RT48 Walkie-Talkie

Retevis RT48 Walkie-Talkie

However, the Retevis RT48 has some downsides. It does not float or light up if it falls in the water, so it could be hard to find. It also does not get NOAA weather reports. This means it’s not the best for ocean kayaking. But for paddling with a group on lakes and rivers, the Retevis RT48 is a good reliable choice to stay in contact.

If you want to talk to your friends while you are on a boat, you can use the Retevis RT48 Walkie-Talkie. It has 6 radios that are strong and can work in water. You don’t need a special license to use them. You can choose from 16 different channels to talk to your friends. If you need help, you can press a button to let them know.

But the Retevis RT48 Walkie-Talkie is not perfect. It can sink in water and it does not glow. It also does not tell you the weather, so it is not good for the ocean. But it is good for rivers and lakes.


  • Comes with 6 radios for group use
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Has alarm system for emergencies
  • Clip to attach to life jacket


  • No NOAA weather alerts
  • Does not float or light up in water

Best Overall: Rocky Talkie Mountain Radi

Line-of-sight: 25+ miles, Mountains: 1 to 5 miles, Forest/Hills: 0.5 to 3 miles, City: Up to 1 mile

 Rocky Talkie Mountain Radi

The Rocky Talkie Mountain Radio Best Waterproof Walkie-Talkies is perfect for folks who love a simple and fuss-free walkie-talkie, especially when hitting the slopes! Let’s be real – most snowboarders and skiers just want an easy way to stay connected, and this radio nails it with adventure-ready communication.

  • Simple and Reliable – Easy to use with consistent performance.
  • Long Battery Life – Lasts up to 4 days on a charge, even in -20°F temps.
  • Durable Design – Shatterproof screen and tough plastic covering.
  • Good Range – Reaches up to 25 miles, typically 1.5 miles in rough terrain.


  • No Bells & Whistles – Doesn’t have Bluetooth or music playback.
  • Lacks Features – Pretty basic compared to fancier models.
  • Pricey – More expensive than standard portable radios.

Bottom Line: The Rocky Talkie is a straightforward, no-frills radio that works well in the outdoors. It has excellent battery life and a durable build to withstand extreme conditions. Just don’t expect lots of extra features for the higher price tag.

Backcountry Access BC Link 2.0 Radio: Runner-Up

Backcountry Access BC Link 2.0 Radio

If you’re heading for a mountain trip, the Backcountry Access BC Link 2.0 Radio is a must-bring. It’s got a clever mic that won’t get clogged with snow and a battery that lasts a long time and can be recharged. It makes talking to your group easy while you’re out there.


  • Long 40-mile range
  • Protected channel dial
  • Minimal interference


  • Expensive
  • Not great for beginners
  • The battery may not last for long trips

Waterproof Walkie-Talkie Comparison Table

Walkie Talkie ModelDimensionsWeightIP Rating# of ChannelsWeather ChannelsBattery LifeFloatable
Motorola T605 Talkabout7.8 x 2.4 x 1.5 in1 lb 9 ozIP6722Yes23 hoursYes
COTRE Swan Walkie Talkies7.9 x 2.4 x 1.5 in1 lb 12 ozIP6722Yes20 hoursYes
Retevis RT48 Walkie Talkie9.5 x 2.6 x 1.5 in1 lb 5 ozIP6716No12 hoursNo

Best Waterproof Walkie-Talkies Buying Advice

Using walkie-talkies on water can be super helpful, but picking the right one can be tough because they have so many features. Let’s break down some important things to look for:

  • How you float plan to use it
  • How waterproof it is
  • What type it is and if you need a license
  • How far it can communicate
  • Choosing different channels and privacy settings
  • Getting weather alerts”

This version breaks down the key aspects of choosing waterproof walkie-talkies using simpler language for easier understanding.

Intended Use

There are many kinds of walkie talkies. You should think about what you need them for.

For example, if you want to talk to your friends on a small lake, you don’t need a very fancy walkie-talkie. But if you want to talk to other boats, the Coast Guard, or the port, you need a special walkie-talkie called a marine VHF radio. This walkie-talkie has different rules and you might need a license to use it

Waterproof Rating

If you want to buy a good walkie-talkie for water, you need to know how well it can handle water and dust. There is a code that tells you this. It is called IP and it has two numbers after it (like IP67).

The first number tells you how good the walkie-talkie is at keeping dust out. The second number tells you how good the walkie-talkie is at keeping water out. you want a walkie-talkie that has at least IP67. That means it is very good at keeping dust out and it can stay in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

Some walkie-talkies have IP68, which means they can go deeper in water. But this is not very useful for a walkie talkie and it makes them more expensive. So IP67 is the best for kayaking.

Radio Type & Licensing Requirements

Figuring out walkie-talkie licenses can be a real head-scratcher, especially when the rules change from country to country. Let’s focus on the United States, where the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) calls the shots.

Here, you’ll mostly find walkie-talkies that work on either FRS (Family Radio Service) or GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) frequencies, or sometimes both. Confusingly, they both use the same radio waves (462 MHz – 467 MHz), but for different reasons and with different licensing rules.

FRS radios are like the walkie-talkies of the neighborhood. They’re for quick chats with friends and family over short distances, no license is required. Think of them as the walkie-talkies you used as a kid to build forts and have secret club meetings.

GMRS radios, on the other hand, are like the walkie talkies of cool uncles. They’re a bit more powerful, reaching slightly farther, and perfect for outdoor adventures or keeping in touch with your team at work. Best Waterproof Walkie-Talkies But here’s the catch: you need an FCC license to use them. Getting one isn’t too hard for US citizens, but it’s an extra step compared to FRS.

So, which one should you choose?

If you want a simple radio that anyone can use without worrying about licenses, FRS is the way to go. It’s like picking the walkie-talkie with the most stickers on it – everyone can join the fun!

But if you’re looking for a bit more power and range, and you’re willing to go through the FCC license dance, GMRS might be worth the effort. Think of it as upgrading from a toy walkie-talkie to a real adventurer’s tool.

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