Best Kayak Seats for Back Support and comfort

Sore back got you down while kayaking? We’ve got the cure – the best kayak seats for ultimate comfort. Rigid plastic is no friend to your backside. But the right cushioned seat supports you in all the right places so you can paddle pain-free.

Best Kayak Seats

Check out our picks for the most comfortable thrones to park your tush while you explore the water. With our advice, you’ll find the perfect seat to make kayaking a pleasure for your bum and back. Now you can paddle happily ever after!

Top 5 Best Kayak Seats

Best Overall: Surf to Summit GTS Expedition High Back Seat

Best Value: Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus

Best Cushion Pad: Skwoosh Mesh Paddling Seat Cushion

Best for Fishing: Skwoosh Big Catch Best Kayak Seats

Best for Kids: Harmony Gear Kid’s Best Kayak Seats

Best Overall: Surf to Summit GTS Expedition High Back Seat

 Surf to Summit GTS

Saddle up for the ultimate kayaking comfort with the Surf to Summit GTS Expedition High Back Seat – our top pick for your tush!

This bad boy straps onto any kayak with its smart triangular design that won’t budge or slip once you’re hooked in. Super simple to set up and adjust to find that sweet spot. Just clip and lock into existing d-rings or add your own.

We’re talking plush cushioning with a 2-inch thick foam pad and drainage channels so your keister stays high and dry. And the 18-inch high backrest feels like a cushy hug for your spine whether you’re paddling for hours or just cruising the lake.

It’s rugged too with heavy-duty 600 denier fabric that can withstand all the scratches, scrapes, and weathering you’ll encounter on the water. Bonus – add a rear gear pocket to stash your water and snacks for quick access.

There’s no doubt this is one of the best kayak seats out there for comfort and quality. But it does hit the wallet hard with the higher price tag. For kayakers with back issues or those wanting a super plush ride, it’s worth splurging on the Rolls Royce of kayak seating.


  • Super comfy seat with padding and back support.
  • Stays dry with drainage holes.
  • Fits most kayaks.
  • Optional storage pocket (extra $$ though).


  • Pricey!

Best Value: Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus

Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus

The Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus seat is a good choice if you want something comfortable but cheaper. This seat has high back support and padding to make sitting more comfortable.

It attaches to most kayaks with 4 clips that resist corrosion. Putting on or taking off the seat is quick – just a few seconds.

Once on, you can adjust the seat position with sliders on the straps.

The seat back is 14.5 inches high. This gives good back support, even for tall people. The foam padding also makes it more comfortable. But you may want more padding on the bottom for long trips. 

The seat is made of nylon that resists UV rays. This material is durable but breathable for hot weather. The Ocean Kayak logos are reflective. This helps at night or in tunnels. But isn’t needed during the day.

Overall, the Comfort Plus seat is a good choice if you want something comfortable and affordable. It has lots of padding and support. And it’s easy to take on and off your kayak. Let me know if this rewrite in simple language makes sense! I aimed to use free-flowing language and phrasing.


  • Cheap & cheerful!
  • Easy to fit.
  • Adjusts for comfort.
  • Bright stripes for safety


  • Padding could be thicker.

Best Cushion Pad: Skwoosh Mesh Paddling Seat Cushion

 Skwoosh Mesh Paddling

Ditch back pain without the bulky Best Kayak Seats! The Skwoosh Mesh Paddling Cushion is the tush throne for you.

This low-profile cushion slips right into your kayak, with no installation required. It lifts your tush just enough to give numb bum relief. The fluidized gel molds to your shape for customized comfort.

Non-slip bottom keeps it in place and waterproof fabric means no soggy seat. Fold it up in a flash to switch between boats.

Get set to paddle happily with this simple, portable magic cushion for your kayaking keister. Wave goodbye to a sore backside today!


  • One-size-fits-most kayaks, no fuss.
  • Molds to your body for comfort.


  • Spendy without built-in back support.

Best for Fishing: Skwoosh Big Catch Kayak Seat

Skwoosh Big Catch Kayak Seat

Fishing kayakers, this seat’s for you! The Skwoosh Big Catch has all the bells and whistles to make your fishing trips a breeze.

With built-in rod holders and tool storage, your poles and gear are always within reach. No more juggling act! The cushy gel bottom keeps your tush comfy for hours of painless fishing.

Adjustable and easy to install, this seat’s a total catch. You’ll be reeling in the big ones in total comfort!

Just wish it had a few more attachment points to keep it locked in place. But take it from me – this seat will have you hooked. Time to go land that trophy fish on your ache-free behind!


  • Supports your back well
  • Plenty of storage room
  • Adjustable and simple to set up


  • This could be improved with more attachment points

Best for Kids: Harmony Gear Kid’s Kayak Seat

 Harmony Gear Kid’s Kayak Seat

Keep your little paddlers comfy on the water with the Harmony Gear Kid’s Best Kayak Seats designed for kids up to 85 lbs.

This seat wins points for easy setup – just plop it in without any clips or straps to attach. The strapless design makes it a breeze to switch between kayaks or swap front-to-back in a tandem.

Plush 2-inch cushioning and a high supportive backrest keep kids cozy while paddling or relaxing during pit stops. No squirming here!

A non-slip strip on the base holds it in place, but it’s not the most secure if you want one that won’t budge. The adjustable side straps let you customize the seat angle and tension while in use, which is super handy.

Overall, this fuss-free removable seat lets kids ride along in comfort. However, the lack of secure straps may be an issue if you need one that locks in place. Still, it’s effortless to move between boats and keeps the little ones happy on the water.

Kayak Seat Buying Advice

Choosing the right kayak seat is more than just finding one that fits your kayak. It should be wide and comfy for long sits. A great seat gives good back support, lasts long, and keeps you cool without making you sweat loads.

Here are the main things to consider when picking a seat for your kayak:

  • High Back, Low Back, or Cushion.?
  • Padding Type
  • Size and Fixtures
  • Materials
  • Storage

High Back, Low Back, or Cushion?

Looking for the most comfortable Best Kayak Seats? Go high – high back seats offer the best back support.

If you deal with back pain while paddling or taking long trips, a high back is ideal. It helps you maintain good posture and gives you a nice lean-back when you need a break.

High backs are popular with beginners too since they provide extra support as you’re learning.

Downside – high backs won’t fit under a spray skirt on closed kayaks. So sit-in paddlers may need a lower seat for rougher water.

kayak seat

Already have decent back support? Just add a gel or foam cushion to your seat for a little extra padding.

Bottom line: High-back Best Kayak Seats deliver comfort for long paddling days. But think about your kayak type and current seat before deciding. Add a cushion if you just need more cushioning.

Picking the right padding is key for comfort. EVA foam breathes well and lasts fairly long – ideal for hot weather paddling. Molded foam and gel last longer but can get sweaty.

Make sure to measure your kayak’s cockpit before buying. Seats like the Skwoosh Cushion are universal, but others need compatible fittings. Inflatable kayaks may only work with non-slip fabrics.

Consider your climate – waterproof fabrics are durable but can be less breathable. Breathable mesh is great for warm conditions. Look for UV and water resistance. Storage needs vary – seats like the Skwoosh Big Catch offer ample storage, while others focus on comfort. Assess your gear carry needs.

Price matters too. Cheaper seats may wear out faster, but the Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus blends affordability with quality and comfort. The bottom line? Tailor your pick to your budget, storage needs, kayak type, and padding preferences. And measure twice to ensure the perfect cockpit fit!

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